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Crisis - Like Sheep Led To Slaughter (5/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Hardcore Metal
Label: The End Records
Playing time: 46:44
Band homepage: Crisis


  1. Omen
  2. Waking The Dead
  3. A Graveyard For Bitches
  4. Nomad
  5. Politics Of Domination
  6. Blood Burden
  7. Rats In A Maze
  8. Secrets Of The Poison House
  9. Corpus Apocalypse
  10. Study In Cancer
  11. Exit Catacomb
  12. The Fate
Crisis - Like Sheep Led To Slaughter

Before Tairrie and KITTIE, there was Karyn Crisis who shook things up in the Metal community with her unique and ugly Hardcore/Metal voice. CRISIS has a hardcore following and I am quite sure that they are happy about the return with a new and venomous CD. Hardcore and Metal are combined here for an experience that you will never forget if you are a fan of the band.


“Waking The Dead” combines semi complex drumbeats that are tribal sounding at times with Karyn's unique and quirky voice that will either delight you or shatter your eardrums. “A Graveyard For Bitches” has Karyn singing is a much lower voice. It's gritty and brutal. The drums continue to pound your skull while the guitars provide a tad bit of rhythm. Oriental rhythms open the doors to hell with “Nomad”. They are quite lush and entrancing, but they don't last too long once Karyn's voice kicks in. More screams galore reign supreme along with some clean vokills where she attempts to sing, but does nothing for me. Karyn's band or voice never did much for me. While I give her props for jumping into the Metal scene and shake things up, this band does nothing for me.


I have tried time and time again to get it, but I just don't. I do know that if you enjoyed the band's last release and whatnot, then you will dig these primal rhythms. I will give the band credit in terms of music because I actually enjoy it. I like the way they compose their songs by using melodies and complex drumming to make it stand out as much as Karyn's voice. I think the band’s true trump card is the drummer because he is talented and knows rhythm. The tribal beats rule! If you like primal playing with shrieks and screams that can permanently damage your hearing, then you can pick this up otherwise, stay away. (Online July 27, 2004)

Joe Florez

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