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JenX - Unusual (8/10) - France - 2004

Genre: Industrial
Label: Mono Emotional Records
Playing time: 15:57
Band homepage: JenX


  1. Demonhead >mp3
  2. Remember >mp3
  3. Unusual >mp3
  4. Compromises
JenX - Unusual

JENX is an Industrial band from France. To be honest, I know next to nothing about this genre, but JENX managed to grab my interest.


The first thing I have to comment is on the production. The drums, guitars, bass and keyboards are produced in a way that gives the album a very machine like feel; like a cold, calculating robot that is devoid of emotion. It fits quite well with the distorted yet melodic vocals and the use of keyboards here and there does a nice job of keeping up that feeling.


The guitars are mostly of the ďstop-startĒ variety, giving the album a very Nu-Metallish feel. Itís nothing groundbreaking, but itís just fun to listen to and bang your head to the beat. The use of keyboards shows an influence from NINE INCH NAILS (hell, the third song could very well be a NINE INCH NAILS song), with a distorted vocals that fit very well over the music.


If all Nu-Metal sounded like this, Iíd really like it. (Online August 5, 2004)

Armen Janjanian

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