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Cadaveria - Far Away From Conformity (8/10) - Italy - 2004

Genre: Black Metal / Death Metal
Label: Scarlet Records
Playing time: 47:30
Band homepage: Cadaveria


  1. Blood And Confusion >mp3
  2. Eleven Three O Three >mp3
  3. Irreverent Elegy
  4. The Divine Rapture
  5. Omen Of Delirium
  6. Call Me
  7. Out Body Experiance
  8. Prayer Of Sorrow
  9. Vox Of Anti-Time
Cadaveria - Far Away From Conformity

CADAVERIA’s second album is one tour de force. Mixing a lot of different influences together, from Black to Death Metal, Power to Prog Metal, adding even some Nu Metal flavour, the band managed here to create a surprising new CD. The first thing noticeable in this cross-genre mix is the vocals of CADAVERIA: she goes from deep Death growls to high pitched screams and she even throws some clean vocals here and there; those in fact are quite similar to HOLE’s singer, Courtney Love.


Musically, they do not blend all these styles just for the sake of it. We really get the feeling while listening to the songs that they use each influences to mark different type of moods and emotions. The perfect example would be the third track “Irreverent Elegy” which starts with light acoustic guitar picking and finish with strong guitar riffing. Although they tend to sound progressive at time, some of the songs may get a bit repetitive at time, especially lyrics wise; although I like it when they repeat verses but in a different tempo.


The production and mixing work is incredible. The down tuned guitars sound fat as hell and I’m really enjoying the drums sound, especially the double bass drums, which are not sounding too tick like it can be heard often with Italian metal band mixes.


All in all, this second album from CADAVERIA is the logic follower to what was already started on their first album. Chances are that if OPERA IX still continue to release bad albums, that CADAVERIA would be proved to have made a good choice by leaving the band. (Online August 6, 2004)

Mathieu Chamberland

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