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Tiles - Window Dressing (6/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: InsideOut
Playing time: 67:34
Band homepage: Tiles


  1. Window Dressing
  2. Remember To Forget
  3. All She Knows
  4. Capture The Flag >mp3
  5. Tear-Water Tea >mp3
  6. Stop Gap
  7. Unicornicopia
  8. Paintings
  9. A.02
  10. Slippers In The Snow
  11. Spindrift >mp3
Tiles - Window Dressing

is mostly noted for being considered the murder capital, Motown, The Motor City, INSANE CLOWN POSSE and EMINEM, but now you can add TILES to the list. TILES has been in the circuit for just over ten years and are now getting somewhat of a bigger exposure thanks to being on the InsideOut label. Their fourth offering should hopefully get the band noticed around the world thanks to better distribution.


The seventeen-minute opening title track is a bit long, but is filled with varying compositions, hard driving riffs and contain a touch of class act drumming. The track overall is mid paced and mellow. There are no over the top performances and that is a good thing. The track is rather laid back even though there are the rough guitar riffs at times. You can expect several breakdowns due to the length of the tune. After thirteen-minutes of being melodic, things kick in for a moment or two when the everything goes into a frenzy. The drums get louder, harder and more complex and the guitars have more force behind them making them more aggressive than elegant. This is a decent opener if you can hang in there long enough.


“Remember To Forget” is two-thirds less than the opening track and is a bit more up beat. The track has a great guitar solo and everything else is packed with a bit more power, but playing with a laid back approach. This is a heavier track, but quite entertaining. You can call “Tear-Water Tea” a ballad of sorts with some sorrowful violin playing which sounds so sad. I am not quite sure why, but that's the impression that I get when I listen to it. I think the band shows off their fine musicianship on the first of three instrumentals. “Stop-Gap” mixes a bit of 70's Prog along with more fine guitar playing and superb drumming and smidges of Jazz thrown in there for good measure. The second instrumental that follows “Stop-Gap” is “Unicornicopia”. This one is more classical in terms of sound because it's just a piano with the violin dropping in for a split second.


Things finally come to a close with another long track in the form of “Spindrift”. It's heavy, Progressive and melodic just like their other songs. I think this will appeal to fans of SPOCK'S BEARD, THE TANGENT and all that is calm and peaceful. I suggest listening to this one in small doses. (Online August 8, 2004)

Joe Florez

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