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Devils Whorehouse - Revelation Unorthodox (7,5/10) - Sweden - 2004

Genre: Horror Metal
Label: Regain Records
Playing time: 35:50
Band homepage: Devils Whorehouse


  1. Death From Beyond
  2. Swallow Your Grave
  3. Howling
  4. The Raven >mp3
  5. Bondage Goddess
  6. Revelation Unorthodox
  7. Funeral Dream
  8. Pentagram Murderer >mp3
  9. Blood Angels Recital
  10. Erotikill
  11. Blood Nymphoman
  12. Deathwish
  13. We Live Again
Devils Whorehouse - Revelation Unorthodox

What would THE MISFITS sound like if they dropped their Punk banner and became a full fledged Metal band? Well rather than sit around and wait for that day to come, MARDUK members B. War and Morgan Hakansson decided to take action. The result: "Revelation Unorthodox", a thirteen song, half hour serving of Punk Metal with horror movie themes to boot.


I really didn't expect much from this release before I decided to hear it out but I can now admit that it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. Throughout "Revelation Unorthodox", DEVIL'S WHOREHOUSE have a considerable amount of success with their unique merge of MISFITS style Punk and guitar driven Metal, with occasional blasts and sludge moments thrown in. Appropriately backed by an old school sounding production, "Revelation Unorthodox" comes off sounding quite fresh when compared to most of the newer bands currently attempting to get noticed. However, freshness is a relative term and what first comes off sounding original eventually becomes a bit too much of a novelty to be thoroughly enjoyed over an extended period of time. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty to enjoy here in the shape of short, catchy, yet unmistakably heavy Punk anthems "Howling", the title track and "Pentagram Murderer", but in the end, even my personal favourites seem interchangeable. Though there is nice mix of slower and faster songs, I just can't see myself really getting into this album.


Perhaps I'm looking too deeply into things, which I doubt was the artist's intention when creating this album. Either way, I deem "Revelation Unorthodox" worthy of being checked out. Worthy of owning? I guess that depends on your level of curiosity towards my opening question. (Online August 10, 2004)

Nathanaël Larochette

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