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Tiamat - Judas Christ (8/10) - Sweden - 2002

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 52:38
Band homepage: Tiamat


  1. The Return Of The Son Of Nothing
  2. So Much For Suicide
  3. Vote For Love
  4. The Truth's For Sale
  5. Fireflower
  6. Sumer By Night
  7. Love Is As Good As Soma
  8. Angel Holograms
  9. Spine
  10. I Am In Love With Myself
  11. Heaven Of High
  12. Too Far Gone
Tiamat - Judas Christ
OK, grab a hold: TIAMAT have positive lyrics and also musically a dark but no longer negative/melancholic/sad direction, despite the quite provocative title!

You haven't fainted? OK, then we can continue right away… You could read in many places that Edlund was going into heavier and more atmospheric regions again and the beginning of the opener "The Return Of The Sun Of Nothing" bears a very obvious quotation of the "Wildhoney"-classic "Whatever That Hurts", but that is almost everything that really reminds you of the past.

Altogether it becomes clear pretty soon that the basic atmosphere has turned out rather positive, as Edlund himself says, should he suddenly die he would not want to be remembered as the kind of guy, who only brought a sad mood to everyone. Musically more Gothic they are more Gothic than ever, here and there you find some parallels to THE SISTERS OF MERCY, like on the super-catchy "Vote For Love" or even more in "I Am In Love With Myself", also the experimental-factor has been reduced a lot, only the really weird instrumental "Sumer By Night" is still a remainder of that, the rest is more accessible than ever.

You cannot call TIAMAT Metal anymore for quite some while now and "Judas Christ" is no exception to this, quite calm and at times very relaxed (like especially "So Much For Suicide") is the direction of the album, marked by another improvement in Edlund's vocal-department, which really bears the songs here. The songs also have their very own charm, which wins you for themselves pretty quickly.

Only real point of criticism are the last two songs "Heaven Of High" and "Too Far Gone", which cannot keep the standard of the rest, sounding pretty uninspired, at least one (if not both) could without any objection have been scrapped...

That they could not reach "Wildhoney", in my opinion, doesn't come as a surprise, because I sincerely doubt that TIAMAT will ever reach this masterpiece ever again, but for sure "Judas Christ" is the best album since, not least because of the more homogenous unity without going under in experiments.

Alexander Melzer

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