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25 tablatures for Tiamat

Tiamat - Judas Christ (6/10) - Sweden - 2002

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 52:38
Band homepage: Tiamat


  1. The Return Of The Son Of Nothing
  2. So Much For Suicide
  3. Vote For Love
  4. The Truth's For Sale
  5. Fireflower
  6. Sumer By Night
  7. Love Is As Good As Soma
  8. Angel Holograms
  9. Spine
  10. I Am In Love With Myself
  11. Heaven Of High
  12. Too Far Gone
Tiamat - Judas Christ
TIAMAT has lasted ten plus years now and is considered an accomplishment in the underground Metal-scene. They have come a long way from their Black Metal-beginnings to the now Goth/Rock-sound. Johan and company definitely show their maturity with this release, because they are adding more depth not only to their sound, but their life affirming lyrics.

While I wouldn't normally open the CD with "The Return Of The Son Of Nothing", because it's very morose sounding and almost sounds sad, it's an interesting choice none the less. Very sombre with violins that could be compared to MY DYING BRIDE's use of violins. This time around, TIAMAT wanted to make an album that was more uplifting lyrically, but it's quite hard to distinguish, because the music drabbed in sorrow pretty much covers it.

"Vote For Love" carries commercial radio-potential and is the first song to break the dread cycle and lifts your spirits up. The title and song fit like a glove. "The Truth's For Sale" will be very reminiscent to SISTERS OF MERCY by adding touches of electronics. The CD really picks up by the 8th track "Angel Holograms". By this point, one must ask yourself, do I really want to hang in here this long before I get to the best stuff here?

There is nothing wrong with the band adding new sounds to their music, but what they should have done was space the slow songs and faster ones out further apart. If you are a die-hard-fan and must have this in your collection, then go for it. If you are a little more concerned about this, then listen before you buy.

Joe Florez

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