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Blezqi Zatsaz - The Tide Turns (7/10) - Brazil - 2003

Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: Lucretia Records
Playing time: 70:40
Band homepage: -


  1. L`Etre Et Le Neant
  2. The Aspaeings Are Back!
  3. Afterimage
  4. Parallel Paradise
  5. Thy Fake
  6. The Well Tempered Drawbar
  7. Ways Of Control
  8. Azzivullas’ Suite
  9. Fleeting Dream
  10. Pangs Of Death
  11. Back To Our Minds
  12. Hereafter
  13. Lilith
  14. Soul Mirror
  15. The Gates Of Ixtlan
  16. Once And Again
Blezqi Zatsaz - The Tide Turns

BLEZQI ZATSAZ? Strange name, right? Here I wondered where this band could come from at first. Bulgaria, Algeria or even somewhere from the Far East!? Completely wrong! The guys are from Brazil and the band leader is no stranger. Ex-ANGRA keyboard player Fabio Ribeiro hides behind these proggers from South America.


What’s special about BLEZQI ZATSAZ is that they work completely instrumentally, so they don’t have any singer among them. Those who cannot do without any kind of singing should stop reading here. The focus of the single songs is mainly set on the keyboard and guitar work. Drums and bass act more in the background and hardly ever appear independently, which I find somewhat sad and which above all is somewhat uncommon for a Prog band. But on the other hand flutes and a saxophone are used on some tracks, which provides for variation again. Overall the tracks offered on "The Tide Turns“ are very catchy and partly even really moving (“Parallel Paradise” or “Azzivullas’ Suite”). You can argue about the keyboards from song to song. Sometimes they sound very good, sometimes you think you are standing on the fair. Nevertheless most of the twelve tracks can offer a comfortable, often dreamy atmosphere that takes effect best under a headphone. I would place the really only bigger point of criticism at the recognizing value of the single songs. Unfortunately it’s hard to distinguish between the songs, as the singing, which could serve as clue, is missing. So you lose the survey in the long seventy minutes of playing time from time to time. Here the band should perhaps become somewhat more concise in the future or give a singer a trial, who sets additional accents. Maybe some power would also help the compositions to avoid drifting into the mainstream too easily.


For all I care "The Tide Turns“, which is by the way provided with a thorough sound, be recommended to all who are into bands like ARENA, SPOCKS BEARD or also DREAM THEATER and especially into their instrumental parts. All remaining bangers can probably only enjoy this in calm moments. In any case the listener is offered a thorough portion of variation from the uniform stuff, even though you can’t really distinguish between all the songs. Here the motto is: off to the beach or into the swimming pool, put on “The Tide Turns” and dream.


Check out tips: "Parallel Paradise“, "Azzivullas’ Suite“… (Online August 19, 2004)

Patrick Weiler

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