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Samael - Worship Him (5,5/10) - Switzerland - 1991

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 40:56
Band homepage: Samael


  1. Sleep Of Death
  2. Worship Him
  3. Knowledge Of The Ancient Kingdom
  4. Morbid Metal
  5. Rite Of Cthulhu
  6. The Black Face
  7. Into The Pentagram
  8. Messengers Of The Light
  9. Last Benediction
  10. The Dark
Samael - Worship Him
What I have here, is the raw debut from Swiss Black/Space Metallers, SAMAEL. All I can say is, if you expect this to be anything remotely similar to their last two albums, or even their last three albums, then you are sorely mistaken. The SAMAEL of 1990 bear no resemblance to the SAMAEL of today. They were a much younger SAMAEL, more inexperienced.

I once heard this album being described as Swiss Cheese. And I think that description suits "Worship Him" nicely. It is sort of cheesy, with its blatant satanic lyrics, screeching vocals, an extreme attempt to appear "evil", and very poor production, among other things. But I think to best describe this album, I will recall back to the chat session that took place on almost a year ago. Drummer/keyboardist Xytras was discussing his classical rendition of "Passage". Jokingly, I asked him if he would ever consider doing a classical version of "Worship Him", and he simply replied…."There would be nothing to do." Such a perfect description of the music on "Worship Him". There is simply nothing on this album. No variations, no tempo changes, hardly anything that brings the listener back to listen another day.

Now, I'm not totally trashing this album. I will add a few points for four very good songs. "Into The Pentagram" is an excellent song, though not as well done as on "Rebellion". The other three songs are instrumentals. "Rite Of Cthulhu" is a great song, and is usually the first track I play when I listen to this CD. Finally, "Last Benediction" and "The Dark" are two great instrumentals, which close the album. Too bad rest of the album is lacking.

Joshua Drover

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