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Samael - Blood Ritual (7/10) - Switzerland - 1992

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 41:40
Band homepage: Samael


  1. Epilogue
  2. Beyond The Nothingness
  3. Poison Infiltration
  4. After The Sepulture
  5. Macabra Operetta
  6. Blood Ritual
  7. Since The Creation
  8. With The Gleam Of Torches
  9. Total Consecration
  10. Bestial Devotion
  11. …Until The Chaos
Samael - Blood Ritual
With "Blood Ritual", SAMAEL have made some improvements over their debut album. First and foremost is the production. The whole sound is much thicker, and sounds less like it was recorded in a washing machine, more like it was done in an actual studio. Vorph's voice has improved so much, while they have also hired on a bass player by the name of Mas.

Overall, the songs are much catchier, while still maintaining the rawness of the debut album. The songs are just so much more well-written. It's obvious that the band were heading in the right direction with this release, while not moving so far that they'd lose all of their original fans. SAMAEL have a knack for changing a little each album, while still maintaining a sound that was there on the previous releases. This album is just the beginning of what was to come for this band.

So, if you were somewhat disappointed with the debut, maybe "Blood Ritual" is more of your style, with some better song structures, and a style that's so much more than what was displayed the first time around.

Joshua Drover

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