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Disarmonia Mundi - Fragments Of D-Generation (7,5/10) - Italy - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Scarlet Records
Playing time: 46:34
Band homepage: Disarmonia Mundi


  1. Common State Of Inner Violence
  2. Morgue Of Centuries
  3. Red Clouds
  4. Quicksand Symmetry
  5. Swallow The Flames
  6. Oceangrave
  7. A Mirror Behind
  8. Come Forth My Dreadful One
  9. Shattered Lives And Broken Dreams
  10. Colors Of A New Era
Disarmonia Mundi - Fragments Of D-Generation

Vincent had been very fond of DISARMONIA MUNDI’s debut “Nebularium“ two years ago and had given all labels the advice to sign this Italian band. Scarlet Records heeded his call and added the guys to their illustrious roster. “Fragments Of D-Generation“ now is their label debut and the trio has a big surprise in store for us.


On the mic we do not see Benny Bianco Chinto anymore, but none less than Björn „Speed“ Strid“, better known from SOILWORK. And not only his voice is what reminds me of the Swedes with DISARMONIA MUNDI, because also musically they follow a direction that is not completely different from that band. Death Metal without a doubt is the foundation of the DISARMONIA MUNDI sound, but it is enriched with Thrash Metal elements, keyboards, some electronics and at times clean vocals, which are mostly used in the very catchy choruses, so basically a mix of elements that got big on “A Predator’s Portrait“ and “Natural Born Chaos“.


This might read now as if the Italians were a SOILWORK clone, but even though they take the Swedes as very big influence and also add some riffs of the Gothenburg school, it would be a bit too unfair to stuff the band into the clone drawer. The opener “Common State Of Inner Violence“ sets out very quietly, just to attack the listener with a fast eruption, with thundering double-bass and Strid’s trademark roar, plus some electronic elements and keyboards, just to go over into a super catchy, cleanly sung and melodic chorus, original or not, this has got class!


With the next two songs mastermind Ettore Rigotti (responsible for guitars, drums and keyboards) reduces the tempo, while the typical elements continuously get utilised, just to stomp onto the pedal with again with “Quicksand Symmetry”. Regardless of the speed, DISARMONIA MUNDI always are damn precise and technically high standing, never losing the heaviness within the catchiness. Especially the guitar work has to be pointed out here, at the same time aggressive, melodic and technical, great!


Altogether the target group is pretty clear, fans of newer SOILWORK and IN FLAMES, but done with class and a good production to set the music into the right context. If you like the newer album of these bands (adding that DISARMONIA MUNDI have a lot more Death Metal on board than IN FLAMES on their two last CDs), then you should definitely check out “Fragments Of D-Generation“! (Online August 23, 2004)

Alexander Melzer

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