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Samael - Ceremony Of Opposites (9,5/10) - Switzerland - 1994

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 35:58
Band homepage: Samael


  1. Black Trip
  2. Celebration Of The Fourth
  3. Son Of Earth
  4. 'Till We Meet Again
  5. Mask Of The Red Death
  6. Baphomet's Throne
  7. Flagellation
  8. Crown
  9. To Our Martyrs
  10. Ceremony Of Opposites
Samael - Ceremony Of Opposites
With SAMAEL's third release, they continue the ongoing progression that is their career. This album is the first of two "breakthrough" albums. In fact, I'd say that fans of SAMAEL are completely divided. Half say this was their classic album, while others say that the following effort, "Passage", was their classic album. Both represent turning points in their career. However, since this is a "Ceremony Of Opposites"-review, I'll concentrate on the task at hand. :)

I can understand why so many people love this album. For the first time, SAMAEL introduce a keyboard player, by the name of Rodolphe. And let me tell you, keyboards make a world of difference to SAMAEL's music. Atmosphere is key to SAMAEL's distinct sound. It's too bad it took them two albums to realize this. However, that's not to say the music isn't as black as before. The music is still evil, Vorph's vocals are still as menacing as ever, if not more so. The lyrics are still blatantly Satanic/Anti-Religious (just read the lyrics to "To Our Martyrs" to have a little taste of what I'm talking about). We just have an even better approach to song writing, and the keyboards are awesome!

I honestly can't think of a bad song on this album. They're all excellent! Listen to songs like "Celebration Of The Fourth", "Flagellation", the title track, and my favourite, "Baphomet's Throne". This is still SAMAEL….just better! A LOT better!

Joshua Drover

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