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10 Fold B-Low - Low Tuned Output (8,5/10) - Germany - 2004

Genre: Nu-Metal
Label: Locomotive Music
Playing time: 51:47
Band homepage: -


  1. Input
  2. Break Your Neck
  3. Run
  4. Pain In Progress
  5. Left Alone
  6. Bow Down 2 No 1
  7. Burning
  8. Obey
  9. Final Loneliness
  10. Away
  11. Bloodshed
  12. Output
10 Fold B-Low - Low Tuned Output

The intro of “Low Tuned Output“ could quite have been somewhat shorter and annoys with every further spin because of its length of a bit more than three minutes, but apart from that the music and the following track “Break Your Neck” do more than justice to the album title. The combination of groovy New Metal and harsh Death Metal Growls is not groundbreakingly new, but nevertheless, being performed with such ardour like here, this mixture comes along extremely fat and convincing.


10 FOLD B-LOW have got the hang of it anyway, and with their debut they create so much pressure that they should smack against the wall more than half of the New Metal bands existing at the moment. Basically they beat the competition with their own weapons and add a solid pinch of Death Metal to the mostly known ingredients, which shows itself both in the music’s momentum but also appears in the violent vocals. The musical outpours of the quintet lie somewhere between KORN, DOWNTHESUN, MUDVAYNE and SLIPKNOT and so they roll themselves non-stop through such crackers as “Run” and “Pain In Progress” and hardly let the listener calm down. “Left Alone” counts among the more comfortable, because filled with more melodies and clean vocals, tracks and provides with some rest in the meantime, before this track fully comes to the point again, too.


"Bow Down 2 No 1“, where they return to the initial paths and let the club of modern Metal spin again until the audience gives up and begs for mercy, is very presumptuous with regard to the title, but quite heavy. But you also don’t get this mercy with the following “Burning”, even though this track begins quite spherically and tries to pretend false facts. Already after a few ticks 10 FOLD B-LOW dash forward with full force again and break the massive wall of sound only with the wonderfully interwoven clear vocal passages. “Obey” comes along psychotically distracted and shines with the loud/silent dynamics well-known from KORN, which doesn’t come across artificially or sounding poorly copied at all here. “Final Loneliness” is another harsh cracker and runs into the grandiose “Away” which can above all convince through the excellent chorus and especially thereby provides with recognizing value lastingly.


The actual closing track “Bloodshed” (“Output” should just be seen as a kind of “closing message”) kills along the line again and thus lets “Low Tuned Output” march through the rating as an obvious cracker. As the production corresponds to the high expectations of an album like that, too, any negative criticism is out of place here and it lets 10 FOLD B-LOW stand out of the mass of bands. Outstanding! (Online August 27, 2004)

Alexander Ehringer

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