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Sacred Steel - Iron Blessings (9/10) - Germany - 2004

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Massacre Records
Playing time: 48:23
Band homepage: Sacred Steel


  1. Open Wide The Gate
  2. Your Darkest Saviour
  3. Screams Of The Tortured
  4. At The Sabbat...
  5. Beneath The Iron Hand
  6. Anointed By Bloodshed
  7. Victory Of Black Steel
  8. I Am The Conqueror
  9. Crucified In Heaven
  10. The Chains Of Nazarene
  11. We Die Fighting
Sacred Steel - Iron Blessings

Yeah, that’s Metal how I like it! Without any clichés, always full in your face! SACRED STEEL strike up where “Slaughter Prophecy” ended. And the occasionally used growls belong to the entire sound of the Swabians in the meantime. Combined with US styled Power Metal and a lot Old School feeling, they unleash one shell after another.


SACRED STEEL show themselves much more venomenous and even more accessible than on their predecessors. This has that much to do with trendy Symphonic Metal stuff like boss Alex Melzer with boozing partys... My personal favourite is the doomy epic song “The Chains Of Nazarene”. But also the heavy "At The Sabbat Of The Possessed (The Witches Ride Again)“ has much power. Damn, what a feast for every headbanger! But you have to care for the siren of vocalist Gerrit Mutz. Personally, I like such stranger voices much more than all that demountable singers of EDGUY, STRATOVARIUS or HELLOWEEN... this man really has balls, even though some people think that he handles them... enough of that!


This band really rules! With an iron fist... (Online August 27, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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