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Lordi - The Monsterican Dream (8/10) - Finland - 2004

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Drakkar
Playing time: 46:10
Band homepage: Lordi


  1. Theatrical Trailer
  2. Bring It On
  3. Blood Red Sandman
  4. My Heaven Is Your Hell
  5. Pet The Destroyer
  6. The Children Of The Night
  7. Wake The Snake
  8. Shotgun Divorce
  9. Forsaken Fashion Dolls
  10. Haunted Town
  11. Fire In The Hole
  12. Magistra Nocte
  13. Kalmageddon
Lordi - The Monsterican Dream

Would there be a “Miss Metal band“ pageant, Finnish LORDI would definitely be a hot contender for the final round, as with the old DEATH SS, very old DEMON and GWAR there are only three really serious competitors. Now all too often bands try to hide behind an extravagant appearance, trying to mask musical shortcomings, but the debut “Get Heavy” one year ago already proved that the Finns should have no problems with this at all.


And that behind the whole masquerade are not only serious musicians, but also a ton of fun doesn’t only come out in the hilarious lyrics, but also the video for “Blood Red Sandman“, which is no second to the already funny “Would You Love A Monsterman?“ video.


After the very fittingly titled “Theatrical Trailer“ LORDI deliver the ultimate challenge with “Bring It On“, catchy, stomping, straight, with an irresistible melody, rough, but still melodic vocals, fully in the tradition of the debut, good beginning! “Blood Red Sandman“ continues right away, standing somewhere between Alice Cooper, KISS or also TWISTED SISTER (interesting enough, all three acts used make-up at one point of their career…), super catchy, with stomping, single rhythm and good drive and melodies, that’s the way it should be!


Enriched with some horror effects, like chain rattling or eerie keyboards, which sound as if taken directly from an antique horror flick, “Pet The Destroyer” stomps through the foggy forest, super catchy again and not really fear inducing, but all the more fun! And with “The Children Of The Night“ LORDI prove that they also can go ballad on us, the rough/melodic voice of fronter Lordi fits perfectly, just to unleash the full melody in the chorus, a horror ballad, if you want, just to step square on the pedal with “Wake The Snake” right afterwards.


“Haunted Town“ is a crunchy rocker with a grumpy voice, while “Fire In The Hole” stomps ahead straight (you see, there is a lot of stomping involved with LORDI, no wonder, if you look at Lordi’s boots, heh), with a chorus that will be a sure fire live favourite, cool! “Magistra Nocte” solely consists of piano, calm, intense, melodic, very good, very untypical for LORDI!


Unfortunately there is no second „Would You Love A Monsterman?“ to be found, but still the album is highly entertaining from beginning to end, because the Finns don’t take themselves serious and just rock away! (Online August 28, 2004)

Alexander Melzer

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