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Neurosis - The Eye Of Every Storm (10/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Experimental
Label: Relapse Records
Playing time: 68:54
Band homepage: Neurosis


  1. Burn >mp3
  2. No River To Take Me Home
  3. The Eye Of Every Storm
  4. Left To Wander
  5. Shelter
  6. A Season In The Sky
  7. Bridges
  8. I Can See You
Neurosis - The Eye Of Every Storm

I honestly don’t know why, but somehow I was horribly afraid of this review, as you are probably hard-pressed to give a suitable criticism to this monumental, unique band that can basically never be described with common words. Because for my part there is only a single minor point of criticism and that would just be the release date of the new album. But even that was probably planned by the band because normally, such a sinister work should be released in late autumn, when you could additionally feed the depressions, that arise anyway, with “The Eye Of Every Storm”.


The immensely high variation of the album guarantees that this will happen anyway, so that the latest long player of NEUROSIS still sounds new even in November. Thus any negative criticism would be out of place and finished here. It’s really impressive how much the new album basically sounds like NEUROSIS and yet, “The Eye Of Every Storm” once again opens another chapter in the meanwhile almost twenty-years-old history of this phenomenal band. With NEUROSIS there is no stagnation and also no progression in the common sense, this band has the talent to re-invent themselves every time around. This band isn’t afraid of deep feelings in their songs, deliberately lets dark, spheric sounds creep along for minutes before there finally comes the big blow and thus they unresistingly draw the listener under their ban by the omnipresent hypnotizing depth.


Murderous silence reigns here, that clasps you and doesn’t let you out of its claws for sixty minutes, interlaced by rudely roaring guitar storms, that bring along mischief and horror. The three messengers of ruin, Steve Von Till, Dave Edwardson and Scott Kelly, give the songs an additionally theatralic mood through their unique voices and wipe the musical hurricane higher and higher. Those who dare to ask for check out tips haven’t understood this band until today. NEUROSIS don’t write hits, they write complete works of art where each song continues the story and can impossibly be taken out of the concept. Exactly this is lastingly proven by “The Eye Of Every Storm”, because this is really big cinema, a monument and basically vitally necessary and something the music branch cannot do without. Sounds exaggerated but it is like that, because this long player is equally indispensable as its predecessor and it’s completely authentic and unique.


It’s a completely minor matter which musical style exactly NEUROSIS pursue here because a categorization is what the band needs least. “The Eye Of Every Storm” was recorded with Steve Albini again and together with the band he found the precisely fitting sound mantle for the new songs. In fact there’s no way past NEUROSIS and those who have already missed the completely Hardcore-influenced early works like “Pain Of Mind” or also “Souls At Zero” and maybe tried the last equally blessed releases “Times Of Grace” or “A Sun That Never Sets” but haven’t bought them, have the chance to experience the unique class of this band again. Anything else than the highest rating would be big nonsense. I’m excited, completely that is! (Online August 29, 2004)

Alexander Ehringer

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