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Seraphim - Ai (8/10) - Taiwan - 2004

Genre: Symphonic Metal
Label: Arise Records
Playing time: 69:43
Band homepage: Seraphim


  1. Intro
  2. Tears
  3. Resurrect
  4. Implementation
  5. Desperate
  6. Can't Take
  7. My
  8. In The Air
  9. Gone
  10. Before
  11. Is That?
  12. Instantaneous
  13. The End
Seraphim - Ai

The instant I gave “Ai” its first full rotation, I was on my way to The End Records to see if they had any SERAPHIM releases. Of course, we all know that The End has pretty much anything when it pertains to Metal, so I wasn’t surprised to find not one, but two SERAPHIM albums in their vast Metal database. Needless to say, I’m about to order both available albums.


Good artwork along with a good album always gives the band a plus in my book and in this case, SERAPHIM get a big 10 for the “Ai” cover. I’m a big fan of dark colours, including purples and as you can see, “Ai”’s cover is made up of a vast array of almost any shade of purple known to man. This album is a definite must try for all of the NIGHTWISH fans out there. “Ai” contains mesmerizing operatic female vocals, along with a fantastic display of melodic guitars, classical piano pieces and stampeding drums. However, unlike NIGHTWISH, SERAPHIM slip in the occasional bar of aggressive male vocals.


While looking up information on SERAPHIM, I learned that they have recently acquired a new female vocalist, Quinn. I’m definitely interested in seeing how the band develops with future projects. It is however, hard to fathom what SERAPHIM will sound like without the presence of Pay. We shall see I guess.


Most of the songs included on “Ai” have a surprisingly “happy” feel to them. Not necessarily a “get up and dance” type happy, but I do feel a sort of refreshment after giving it a listen. In the end, “Ai” is a fantastic display of Symphonic Metal that no fan of the genre should go without giving a proper listen. (Online August 31, 2004)

Jennifer Richards

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