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Doomshine - Thy Kingdoom Come (9/10) - Germany - 2004

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Iron Glory Records
Playing time: 57:37
Band homepage: Doomshine


  1. Where Nothing Hurts But Solitude >mp3
  2. Venus Day
  3. Light A Candle For Me >mp3
  4. Creation (Chapter Of Hope)
  5. Sleep With The Devil (Chapter Of Belief)
  6. Shine On Sad Angel (Chapter Of Doom) >mp3
  7. A Room Without View
  8. The Cross (Still Stands For Pain)
  9. Valiant Child Of War
Doomshine - Thy Kingdoom Come

Finally! One of the most promising newcomers of Germany could finally get a record deal at the multi million major seller Iron Glory. Yeah, billion sold copies are guaranteed... okay, all jokes aside – I’m happy, that such labels give bands a chance, that aren’t that mass compatible. First, they released a US Power Metal highlight with WIND WRAITH and now follow these Epic Doom fans.


Folks, I can promise you, that it’s really worth checking out! If you like acts like CANDLEMASS or SOLITUDE AETERNUS, then you’ll be smashed by DOOMSHINE. Merely the mighty opener “Where Nothing Hurts But Solitude” will please you and it provides a big goose flesh. But that’s not all from DOOMSHINE. “Venus Day” and “Light A Candle For Me” are totally sad, with weeping leads and mighty slow-mo-riffs, which destroy all hopes... Actually I think, that despite all the sadness, there’s still room for some positive vibes. I don’t know, I have these feelings also on bands like CANDLEMASS and stuff – Doom seems to make me happy.


The other tracks have the same trademarks and it’s a fact, that DOOMSHINE deliver some really big stuff. The level is very high and there’s no better Doom band of the new generation at the moment. WHILE HEAVEN WEPT were great as well as FORSAKEN from Malta and DOOMSHINE belong to this first row. SOLITUDE AETERNUS will have to pay attention if they will ever release their long-time announced next album – because there are some big contenders midwhile! (Online September 2, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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