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Putrefy - Promo 2004 (7,5/10) - Northern Ireland - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 29:09
Band homepage: Putrefy


Lust So Vile (MCD)

  1. Mutilated Slutfuck >mp3
  2. Hung By The Tongue
  3. Pig Fucker
  4. 12 Guage Facelift
  5. Pleasures (With A Pick-Axe) - Live

Unreleased 2003

  1. Lust So Vile >mp3
  2. Drowned In Concrete
  3. Tits, Clits And Hacked Off Bits
  4. Putrefy (Rough Mix - no vocals)
Putrefy - Promo 2004

The latest Northern Irish band trying to make their way in the global underground scene is PUTREFY. PUTREFY are undoubtedly Ireland's main contender's in the ultra brutal Death Metal category as we don't have anyone who can compete with these guys for sheer brutality. Earning a slot on this years Central Illinois Metalfest alongside other fantastic exponents of the genre LIVIDY and BRODEQUIN etc... PUTREFY are sure to impress with their particular slab of gore.


Having seen them (much improved) live recently at the Day Of Darkness festival here in Ireland, and having previously not heard their "Lust So Vile" MCD, I must confess to being more than a little disappointed with the MCD. Don't get me wrong the fault is not that of the material's but the sound. Yes unfortunately the production of the "Lust So Vile" material is rather empty and it greatly lacks the weight needed to convey that extra sense of heaviness and brutality needed in this particular genre of music. The material itself is very solid through both the MCD and the rest of the material on this disc. Opener "Mutilated Slutfuck" and "12 Gauge Facelift" are two superb slices of ultra brutal Death Metal.


What impressed me most, both live and on this CD, with PUTREFY's sound is contrast. By this stage many of you who read my reviews will know that I am sick and tired of all those relentless blast beat filled brutal Death Metal albums. Yes blasts beats are here but finally they are used correctly! Many older and more experienced bands could take a lesson from PUTREFY on this part as this promo contains some classic tempo variation that takes time to explore grooving ultra heavy riffage. This exploration away from the blasts is what makes the blasts seem that much more heavy and that much more extreme when they happen. Contrast, that word is so important to prevent blasts from becoming monotonous, mundane and lifeless for they are at their most effective when contrasted or complimented with something slower.


The live track at the end of the "Lust So Vile" material has a much more fitting sound to capture PUTREFY's more weighty presence yet it is far from perfect, and The same can be said for the unreleased material. With the "Unreleased 2003" part of this promo we can see that PUTREFY have been experimenting with shorter harder hitting songs. Again the production is problematic, only this time it is the vocals that suffer most as I really don't like the sound of them, especially compared with their greatness live. The riffs and structures have seemingly improved in general and they show just that little bit more maturity and variation, a good all round improvement.


When this band gets a decent recording heads will surely be smashed with the awesome power of PUTREFY, but until then catch them live for they sound so fucking heavy. The material is here, the direction obvious, so all that remains is for the band to get their collective arses in gear and kill some shit. (Online September 3, 2004)

Niall Kennedy

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