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Atrocity - Dreams of Atlantis (Alex Krull) - September 2004

The new ATROCITY album “Atlantis“ was a big surprise, on the one hand as far as the unexpected grade of sharpness is concerned and on the other hand the band offers an extremely interesting concept. Main man Alexander Krull had much to report…


Hi Alex, this is Ralf. Still having promo stress? How have the reactions to “Atlantis” been so far?

Yes, so to speak still having promo stress, ha ha. Tomorrow we’re going to Greece to do a promo tour. The reactions are fantastic, especially abroad, where we hadn’t been present for a little longer, things are running well. We are record of the month in Belgium’s Metal magazine no. 1 Mindview, for example, as well as on rank 1 in the sound check of Italian Metal Hammer, in Greece on rank 2, in Spain’s biggest Gothic/Metal Magazine A Sangr Y Fuego  record of the month and title story as well.


I was completely blown away by “Atlantis“ – probably only a few had expected such sharpness. For how long has the “concept” been haunting your minds?

The idea of Atlantis has been haunting my mind for quite a long time. It’s THE myth that is: cradle of humanity, gods’ mythology, secret sciences, occult knowledge, sunken world empire, pre-Deluge world, the Golden Age, mighty sovereigns and human weakness that leads to ruin. It’s especially the secrets and the mystic events you associate with Atlantis again and again, that don’t happen in some fantasy world but in this world here. And this makes the whole thing unbelievably exciting and a perfect mystic theme for us which we can put to music.


In fact I’m a fan since the first hour. “Hallucinations” was already unique back then. I liked “Todessehnsucht” best. “Blut” was a strong album, too. To be honest, I couldn’t really get into “Gemini”… How came you wanted to make some proper noise again?

From the beginning it was obvious that the record HAS to be a smasher! As time went on a lot of energy has dammed up in us! But the direction of GEMINI was completely different, we wanted to combine rhythmic hard songs with a few electronic subtleties and the bilingual sombre-erotic concept fit really well. Atlantis is a concept album however, with a completely different theme and a monumental basis. The furious beginning of the record and the infernal songs that symbolize the rise and fall of the higher culture and the mystic-hymnic list fit together homogeneous and offer a gloomy end time structure of the pre-Deluge Golden Age without losing profundity and atmosphere – completely on the contrary. I think that on Atlantis the we managed to connect the sharpness from the “Todessehnsucht” era and the melodic sound picture of the ATROCITY sound. Well, we’re not one of the typical Metal bands that embody a certain stylistic direction again and again, we like to explore different musical directions, completely in the vein of the big old Rock bands a la Pink Floyd or The Beatles. In this context I am reminded of the fact that I also don’t know who invented these dumb rules in Metal that you always have to deliver the same shit – that’s not good for the creativity of the bands! And it’s also not intended by the inventor as otherwise there would never have been Death Metal, for example. I hope that these self-inflicted rules will disappear to where they came from! The Metal scene doesn’t need any ridiculous stale laws but fresh wind to remain! The same goes for the self-appointed Metal cops and so-called critics who have neither respect for nor knowledge of the music of others.


The production of “Atlantis“ rips mightily, (as well as “Lucifer Incestus” by BELPHEGOR) – personally I consider you the best producer in our country before Andy Classen… Please give us a summary of your last five productions…

Thanks a lot for the compliments! First there are the new ATROCITY and LEAVES’ EYES records, second I produced the new ELIS record that has even become a bit more metallic and also the new Medieval Metal record by MORGENSTERN, the upcoming LUNA FIELD record will certainly become a really hard Death smasher.


What can we expect live? Will you perform a big show again, the more so since the concept “Atlantis” really begs for it?

We have already thought about the live show and soon we’ll see how we can realize the ideas live. I think a lot will happen until the tour in autumn.


The “Atlantis“ theme would be a script for a big budget Hollywood movie. Do you think that this can be realized and would you dare to compose a “classic” soundtrack for it?

“Atlantis“ would definitively be material for a wide screen cinema! I also planned to contact Peter Jackson, ha ha… A soundtrack for a movie like this means enormous expense but why not? More than 12 years ago I did music for a low budget movie (“Eigenleben”). However some speakers broke at a contest. I had intentionally inserted some strange frequencies who were actually intended to influence the subconscious mind… My sister Yasmin was the director by the way.


There are more projects up your sleeve. First there’s LEAVES’ EYES with your wife Liv and something new with Yasmin…

Of course LEAVES’ EYES is more than just a project, we decided to form a new band with Liv – and not only with the character of a project.


By the way, how did the CD release party in the RoFa on April 23th work out? Why did you do it together with CREMATORY?

Jülle from CREMATORY contacted me and then we thought about doing the parties in the Rockfabrik and one week later in the Kulturuine together. It were two very nice evenings and the people probably quite liked it, too.


You already smelled chart air and “Cold Black Days“ has a good position as well. What would you do if a song like “Reich Of Phenomena” entered – would be funny, wouldn’t it?

Of course! But even with a melodic song like “Cold Black Days” things were made very hard for us. The video clip for COLD BLACK DAYS has been shown on VIVA no sooner than now, for example, although it has been present for a longer time. But in fact I thought about making a clip for “Reich Of Phenomena” today. Maybe we’ll still do it…


What does Alex Krull listen to in private?

We were talking about soundtracks before, right? And in fact I like to listen to soundtracks very much at the moment again like “The Piano”, “Lord of the Rings” or “Gladiator”, for example. But self-evidently I also like proper Metal and other extreme music.


What’s next now?

We’re doing an extended tour with ATROCITY and LEAVES’ EYES in autumn. Before we will play on chosen festivals in summer like the WWF, the EARTHSHAKER festival, the SKELETON BASH in Austria or the ROCK THE NATIONS in Turkey as well.


Is there something you still want to say?

Thanks a lot for the interview and for the support! Have much fun with the “Atlantis” album, I hope the fans will like it as much as we do ourselves! Hopefully we’ll all see us on tour!!


Thanks & See ya on tour!!!!



1988: Instigator (Demo)

1989: Blue Blood (Single, Nuclear Blast)

1991: Hallucinations (CD, Nuclear Blast)

1992: Todessehnsucht (CD, Roadrunner)

1994: Blut (CD, Massacre)

1995: Calling The Rain (MCD, Swan Lake)

1995: Die Liebe (CD, Massacre)

1996: The Hunt (EP)

1996: Willenskraft (CD, Massacre)

1997: Werk 80 (CD, Massacre)

1999: Nonplus Ultra (2-CD)

2000: Gemini (CD, Motor Music)

2004: Atlantis (CD, Napalm)

Ralf Henn

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