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Kaoteon - Provenance Of Hatred (8,5/10) - Lebanon - 2004

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Unsung Heroes Records
Playing time: 13:13
Band homepage: -


  1. Decreptitude
  2. Provenance Of Hatred
  3. Wrenched
Kaoteon - Provenance Of Hatred

KAOTEON know a little bit more about being ostracized for enjoying Metal a little bit more than the average Metal fan does, since their home country of Lebanon has outlawed that particular musical genre. However, it is almost impossible to quell human expression and in this case, KAOTEON have found a way to circumvent the law and have expressed itself through the rage of Black Metal.


Musically KAOTEON shows maturity beyond their years (as a band, not as people, I have no idea how old they are) but for a first demo, this is highly impressive. There are parts of this demo that just bleed hate. While KAOTEON never keep it at that type of intensity, rarely are they far off.


The most impressive part of the band has got to be Wolflust’s vocals. His range is fantastic, as he goes from hellish Black Metal shrieks to bludgeoning deep growls and everything in-between. Amazing. Not to downplay the other members of the band though, as they have all gelled into a cohesive unit.


Once the novelty of ‘illegal Black Metal’ has worn off, you’re still left with an excellent demo. (Online September 7, 2004)

Mark McKenna

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