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Pyramaze - Melancholy Beast (8,5/10) - Denmark - 2004

Genre: Power Metal
Label: NTS
Playing time: 50:48
Band homepage: Pyramaze


  1. Sleepy Hollow >mp3
  2. Forsaken Kingdom
  3. Melancholy Beast
  4. The Journey
  5. Until We Fade Away
  6. Legend
  7. Mighty Abyss >mp3
  8. The Nature Of Triumph
  9. Power Of Imagination
Pyramaze - Melancholy Beast

PYRAMAZE come from Denmark and have the well-known American vocalist Lance King in their line-up. He already sang on THE KINGS’S MACHINE, BALANCE OF POWER and DEFYANCE, where he could always convince with his great voice. The same goes for this one, already the ultra heavy opener “Sleepy Hollow” is very infectious and leaves a good impression behind. This is melodic Power Metal far away from all Happy Metal attitude.


The same direction has PYRAMAZE developed on the following “Forsaken Kingdom”, which shines with its anthem-like chorus. It’s then obvious that PYRAMAZE are rather comparable with acts like ICED EARTH or SHADOW KEEP. This is European touched US Metal, in my opinion. “Melancholy Beast”, the title track, shines with gracing riffing and is great for every headbanger. “The Journey” is a bit more complexe and reminds me even of partly forgotten, young FATES WARNING gems and the song contains a divine chorus... One or two songs could be arranged a bit tighter, but there are no real fillers on the album.


Very remarkable for a debut and definitively a sure check out tip. The rather uninteresting cover isn’t really promising. It’s not bad but fits more to a Prog Rock album. This could lead to a wrong direction and to pass a great newcomer... just listen to the MP3 samples! (Online September 10, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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