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Tad Morose - Matters Of The Dark (8,5/10) - Sweden - 2002

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 48:59
Band homepage: Tad Morose


  1. Sword Of Retribution
  2. Matters Of The Dark
  3. Ethereal Soul
  4. I Know Your Name
  5. In The Shadows
  6. Another Way
  7. New Clear Skies
  8. Riding The Beast
  9. Reason Of The Ghost
  10. The Devil's Finger
  11. Don't Pray For Me
Tad Morose - Matters Of The Dark
To be honest, contrary to colleague Melzer TAD MOROSE never have been really important for me. I know their albums, even have their first two ones, but they never have been among my faves. Somehow after "Sender Of Thoughts" the compositions didn't really work with me anymore. "A Mended Rhyme" and "Undead" didn't go in, so my expectations had not been too high, when I had heard of a new output by the Bollnäs-boys.

I wouldn't have bought it, if there had not been the DEMON-concert in Offenbach. TAD MOROSE opened it up and they've been grandiose. The new songs suddenly seemed super-catchy and grabbed me by the balls. So I got the new album and gave it a chance! But wham, the first song is a real disappointment, sounding pretty modern. But after that I am floored. One killer after the other. From Speed-hammer to Melodic-cracker, you get the impression that the guys have gone on a cure.

Their straight Heavy Metal doesn't have these nursery rhyme-choruses, but it's very well thought-through, at times multilayered hook-monsters, which remind me on the heydays of acts like QUEENSRYCHE or CONCEPTION. Great! Singer Urban Breed presents himself in top form and the sound is great as well, what I cannot say about the abysmal cover.

I am highly (positively) surprised and hope that the Swedes will be able to continue in this vein. Outstanding is "Ethereal Soul", which brings me goosebumps with its refined vocal-arrangements!

Ralf Henn

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