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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - GALADRIEL - World Under World

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Galadriel - World Under World (7,5/10) - Slovakia - 2004

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Metal Age Productions
Playing time: 44:08
Band homepage: Galadriel


  1. Under Wings Of The Fallen One
  2. The End Of Eternity >mp3
  3. Imaginary Sins >mp3
  4. The Fall
  5. Bleeding Heart’s Poetry
  6. I Closed Your Door
  7. Noxious Humanity
  8. Insanity + Suffering
  9. Sex In The Underworld
  10. The Grave Is The Last
Galadriel - World Under World

GALADRIEL – who doesn’t think of “Lord Of The Rings” right away? OK, maybe someone, who doesn’t know the Fantasy epos, but that’s not the point. Of course this Slovak quartet has taken its name from Tolkien’s masterpiece, but that’s about it with the connections to the trilogy.


“World Under World“ already is the fifth album of this band, but the first one that I get in touch with, so what awaits us? The band itself calls itself Dark Doom Metal, what is not that far off, I would rather call it Gothic Metal.


The opener “Under Wings Of The Fallen One“ at times reminds me a bit of Portuguese masters MOONSPELL, with the dark melodies and the almost whispered, dark vocals, until in the chorus all of a sudden clear vocals and some female voice stands in the foreground and here almost sound like Melodic and some Power Metal. After that we get some Death croaks, followed by the Gothic atmosphere again, especially the clear voice (very good, btw) reminds me a bit of German CYBERYA, very interesting and also pretty original start up!


“The End Of Eternity“ mostly lives off the rough vocals of Dodo Datel and the angelic voice of guest singer Lydia Lacova as well as the warm atmosphere, which for the first time utilises violins, not overtly original, but very cohesive. After the very moody piano intro “The Fall” “Bleeding Heart’s Poetry” again offers us very warm Gothic Metal, which also bears some PARADISE LOST in it, not original, but very nice to hear.


“I Closed Your Doors“ begins with a synthetic sample and equally synthetic drums, before the song reminds me of MOONSPELL again at times, with its sluggish pace, the quite extensive keyboards and also the vocals, plus at times programmed drums, keyboard effects and clean vocals, you see, it is not that easy to pin down GALADRIEL. “Noxious Angel”, for example, is a lot more powerful, heavier and also faster, with an organ in the background and completely with Dodo’s harsh voice.


“Sex In The Underworld“ completely stands apart from the rest of the album, with dancefloor beats and keyboard effects, plus Dodo’s harsh vocals, before some guitars join in to add a RAMMSTEIN-like touch, surely something that sets the band apart from the rest and also sounds interesting, but altogether I am glad that it stays with this one song. The closing “The Grave Is The Last“ fort hat fully stands in the Gothic Doom, with heavy riffing, slow rhythm and besides the violin also some flute, very good closing, where the almost hypnotic riff at the end reminds me of MY DYING BRIDE’s masterpiece “The Cry Of Mankind“!


All in all an album that does not bring anything new, but combines known elements in a cohesive and unusual way and through music and lyrics creates a warm and dark atmosphere, which a Gothic Metal fan could definitely fall for. (Online September 12, 2004)

Alexander Melzer

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