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EverEve - Seasons (8/10) - Germany - 1996

Genre: Progressive Gothic Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 55:08
Band homepage: EverEve


  1. Prologue – The Bride Wears Black
  2. A New Winter >mp3
  3. The Phoenix – Spring
  4. The Dancer – Under A Summer Sky >mp3
  5. Twilight
  6. Autumn Leaves
  7. Untergehen Und Auferstehen
  8. To Learn Silent Oblivion
  9. A Winternight Depression
  10. Epilogue
EverEve - Seasons

Finally I have the time to look back at this beautiful album. The beginnings of EVEREVE were unique as is witnessed on the band’s Nuclear Blast debut “Seasons”, a concept album about the four seasons and how they affect the human mind.


The album takes you on a dark journey through many shades of Metal. The band mixes various Metal styles into one original sound I describe as a fusion of melodic, atmospheric and Progressive Death/Doom/Dark/Gothic Metal with PINK FLOYD overtones.


There’s plenty of atmosphere, spoken dialogues, melodic solos, great vocals, both clean and harsh and weird samples making this record worth a listen. The music is heavy (the guitars remind me of old MY DYING BRIDE, not the riffs but the guitar sound), atmospheric and melodic with gothic keyboards and the rest of the necessary ingredients to make it appealing.


The songs are very good and well structured, especially “A Winternight Depression” (cheering title eh?) is epic in structure and nine minutes long. Some songs are sung in German language (see “A New Winter” and “Untergehen Und Auferstehen”) which might sound strange the first time you hear it; I like it because the vocalist doesn’t try to sound like a purified nazi when singing them.


One highlight is the song “The Dancer – Under A Summer Sky”, a masterpiece in Atmospheric Metal; the closing part where the guitars and keyboards play against each has such emotional power to it. The vocals are what really make EVEREVE stand out; Tom Sedotschenko was a gifted and expressive vocalist, he could do everything from deep guttural growls and intense screams to beautiful clean singing.


The sound matches the atmosphere; every instrument is heard clearly and as I said the guitars makes you think of MY DYING BRIDE because they have this deep, heavy and doomy sound.


I must say that the band crafted a great debut with some original ideas. It’s nothing like the Cyber Gothic Metal they’re playing today; their trademarks haven’t vanished completely but overall this is more complex and progressive. In short: “Seasons” is an album that takes more than a few spins before it unveils. (Online September 13, 2004)

Frodi Stenberg

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