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Flowing Tears - Serpentine (8,5/10) - Germany - 2002

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 42:46
Band homepage: Flowing Tears


  1. Intro
  2. Starfish Ride (For A Million Dollar Handshake)
  3. Serpentine
  4. Children Of The Sun
  5. The Marching Sane
  6. Breach
  7. Portsall (Departure Song)
  8. Justine
  9. The Carnage People
  10. Merlin
  11. Cupid Of The Carrion Kind
  12. For Tonight
Flowing Tears - Serpentine
"Serpentine" is my first contact with German FLOWING TEARS, even though it already is their fourth album, so I cannot tell you if they've gotten better or worse or whatever.

Anyway, musically we get a melange of Gothic Rock and Gothic Metal, with a female vocalist. So what, many will say, this isn't anything we haven't heard dozens of time before, but hold, FLOWING TEARS are not like the legions of genre-colleagues, but manage to create their own atmosphere and expression, which differs nicely from the rest.

Compared to many dark souls FLOWING TEARS are truly rocking, but without neglecting their at times almost hypnotic atmosphere, but embedding the partly quite heavy guitars ("Breach") within, forming a union in combination with the very effective and precise hooks, which immediately find their way into your brain, packed into a very good and transparent Waldemar Sorychta-production.

And as if that was not enough already, they have an excellent front-lady in Stefanie Duchêne, whose expressive and warm voice sounds so different as the usual soprano, the only comparison that I could think of would be Mariana Holmberg of LEFT HAND SOLUTION, but without sounding like her at the same time.

It is hard to pick out single tracks, because they cover a wide spectrum from almost meditative/hypnotic over clearly Gothic up to heavy guitars and swift rhythm, but on the other hand forming a compact package, but still, "Children Of The Sun", "Breach", "The Carnage People" or the outstanding "Merlin" are songs that give you a very good impression of FLOWING TEARS.

An equally relaxing and energetic album, which gives you more than just the usual Gothic Rock/Metal, but has found its own niche within this sub-genre, and that you as genre-fan should at least check out!

Alexander Melzer

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