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Cancer - Corporation$ (7/10) - Great Britain - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Copro Records
Playing time: 21:15
Band homepage: -


  1. Oil
  2. Witch Hunt (Hardcore live in the Studio 2003)
  3. Dethroned Emperor (Nasty Nasty live in the studio)
  4. Oxygen Thieves (Don’t Breathe My Air remix)
  5. Oil (Severed Satchel Hairy Scary mix)
Cancer - Corporation$

The English Death Metal veterans of CANCER are back with a new EP in the scene. As appetiser for a new album I ask myself, if “Corporation$” really was necessary. Not that it was crap, but it would have been better for the fan, if they had come up with a full album, because nobody has anything to give away and the EP won’t be available for nothing either.


And musically we do not get enough good stuff either. I do not really know, who should buy the CD. With the opener “Oil” we get a very aggressive, straight killer between old school Death Metal and MINISTRY, after that “Witch Hunt” (no, no RUSH cover version), an old hammer from “To The Gory End“ days, snot out live in the studio.


Next up we have, also live in the studio, “Dethroned Emperor“, exactly, a CELTIC FROST cover version. “Oxygen Thieves“ is an experiment in tradition of DARK TRANQUILLITY’s „Archetype“ (off “Enter Suicidal Angels“) or also DIE KRUPPS. Well, and then follows the opener “Oil” again, in a remix by the old CANCER bassist Ian Buchanan and he apparently has a faible for Industrial/EBM sounds nowadays.


Everything not bad, but the regular Death Metaller will rather get zits of disgust than a good ride, let’s wait for the full album. (Online September 16, 2004)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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