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Heaven Shall Burn - Antigone (8,5/10) - Germany - 2004

Genre: Metalcore
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 48:51
Band homepage: Heaven Shall Burn


  1. Echoes (Intro)
  2. The Weapon They Fear >mp3
  3. The Only Truth
  4. Architects Of The Apocalypse
  5. Voice Of The Voiceless
  6. Numbing The Pain
  7. To Harvest The Storm
  8. Rísandi Von (Outro)
  9. Bleeding The Death
  10. Tree Of Freedom
  11. The Dream Is Dead
  12. Deyjandi Von (Outro)
Heaven Shall Burn - Antigone

We all know that the Metalcore scene has taken over right now. Most of them sound alike and don't do much for the scene and there are very few that can grab your attention within a few notes. These Germans are just one of them to accomplish this goal. Metalcore isn't exactly my scene, but one can't help notice what these guys are capable of doing to you. They are fierce, aggressive and unrelenting. The opening intro is a very odd way to open up the CD because it's a weepy sad intro that doesn't belong anywhere on the CD, but I think that the band does this on purpose to throw the listener off track.


“The Weapon They Fear“ storms out the door and pummels your face right from the get go. Now, Marcus' vokills don't do much for me because they are atypical of any Metalcore band. He screams at the top of the lungs for every song and there is no change up whatsoever and that can work your nerves quickly, but it's the music that is the star of the show. The riffs are packed with anger and hate and the drums come off as fuel charged by hatred and animosity and they are tight as hell to boot. What is interesting are he melodies the band tosses in. They are actually memorable and there is even a bit of piano thrown in for a change of pace. While that is cool, some fans may disregard this and say that they are pussies for wimping out. Not so! It's only in there for a few seconds, but if you are in the pit dancing around to this you will never know it.


From the beginning up until “Numbing The Pain“, the tracks were a full on attack. Here, things slow down just a tad, but the drums and vokills remain vicious. The guitars are once again the star of the show as they change the tempo of the songs for the better and once again the piano makes a guest appearance. Very well done here. HSB does something really odd on this disc and uses the first of two outros on the disc. The first one appears smack in the middle with “Risandi Von.“ I am not sure why they did this, but it will throw you off making you think that you have concluded with this CD. That is not the case, because once that sad little number is over it's back to kicking your ass again. As a bonus treat, you get two bonus tracks with cover songs from DISLOCATION and HATE SQUAD. After one hour of this music, you are guaranteed to be tired.


This CD will take a toll on your mind and body and your throat and you probably aren't even trying to do karaoke to these songs. These Krauts do take a few pages from the American Metalcore scene, but they take it and run into their own direction with it and do a fine job. Like I said, if it wasn't for the guitars being the star of the show, then this would be just another run of the mill Metalcore CD. Take some time to get to know these guys and CD because it's well worth it. (Online September 17, 2004)

Joe Florez

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