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Morrigan - Celts (9/10) - Germany - 2003

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Horns Of Cernunnos
Playing time: 66:38
Band homepage: Morrigan


  1. Celts (Intro)
  2. Giants Of Stone >mp3
  3. Warstained Iron
  4. Mists Of Mag Da Cheo
  5. Reapperance
  6. Through The Halls Of Ice
  7. Staring In The Eyes Of ChuChullain
  8. Era Reiks Fomore >mp3
  9. Cursing The Beheaded
  10. Dance Of The Leprachaun
  11. Bitchcraft
  12. Outro
Morrigan - Celts

According to my sparse information, “Celts” should be the third album of German formation MORRIGAN. For all, who do not know this yet: MORRIGAN is the successor to the maybe best German Black Metal band MAYHEMIC TRUTH. And just like the previous band MORRIGAN, too, are heavily influenced by BATHORY.


Mostly they act in best “Hammerheart“, “Blood, Fire, Death“ and “Twilight Of The Gods” tradition, but at times the combo really lets all hell break loose, not unlike Quorthon’s early works. After the instrumental, atmospheric title track, including raven’s croaking, “Giants Of Stone” sets the first highlight of the CD already. Slow, full of epic density, threaded with heathen choirs this song opens the heart right away, letting your emotions flow freely.


On “Warstained Iron“ we can hear the grim side of MORRIGAN, fast, barbaric, annihilating. That’s how you would imagine a berserker in battle. “Mists Of Mag Da Cheo“ comes through mid-paced, but extremely heavy, while “Reappearance“ cries out and rages over you like a storm, just to unleash the epic side again towards the end.


And just as harsh as at the same time heroic this album continues until the very end. The material on offer definitely is not original, but damn intense and extremely good. Only some people will have problems with the hefty shrieking, I for my part like it a lot. (Online September 19, 2004)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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