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Deathstars - Synthetic Generation (8/10) - Sweden - 2003

Genre: Electro Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 44:47
Band homepage: Deathstars


  1. Semi-Automatic
  2. Synthetic Generation
  3. New Dead Nation
  4. Syndrome >mp3
  5. Modern Death
  6. Little Angel
  7. The Revolution Exodus
  8. Damn Me
  9. The Rape
  10. Genocide
  11. No Light
  12. White Wedding
Deathstars - Synthetic Generation

Who would have that that Black Metal gods DISSECTION and SWORDMASTER would collaborate and create an album fused with Industrial sounds. Well, it's happened and it's here to stay. This is the latest band from these two now defunct bands. When you look at these guys, you can tell that they have gone to the school of MARILYN MANSON, CRADLE OF FILTH and took several classes in bondage with their latex outfits.


At any rate, how does the music sound? I have to say that it's easy to swallow and actually enjoyable. “Semi-Automatic“ pounds away with the heavy drumming and the guitars are furious, but have a lot of memorable riffs added in there. The vocals from Whiplasher are a little dramatic and deep sounding, but it's cool because they are dark and evil without sounding like the shrieks of Danni Filth or anyone else in the Black Metal genre. The title track also proves to be just as bombastic as the opener and your feet are guaranteed to be moving around. It's danceable and you can imagine these songs being played at some Industrial night club. Most of the songs offered here are mid paced, but have plenty of bite and are catchy as hell. Even the slower track “Syndrome“ has bite.


It's too bad that the latest KOVENANT CD couldn't have been as good as this one. Every track here from top to bottom is a good listen and at just 40 minutes it's perfect. It's not too long and boring. The guys keep this CD interesting all the time and hope they are able to repeat the same success on the next CD as they have here. (Online September 19, 2004)

Joe Florez

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