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Blake - Starbringer (8/10) - Finland - 2004

Genre: Stoner Doom
Label: Ranch
Playing time: 41:41
Band homepage: Blake


  1. To The Stars (Intro)
  2. Starbringer
  3. Call Her Name
  4. Evil Remains Evil
  5. Walk In
  6. Circles Of Light
  7. Other Side (Intermission)
  8. Beggars Farm
  9. Crawl
  10. Son Of Fire
  11. Black Spirit
  12. Junkie Is Coming
  13. Dark Side Of The Planet (Outro)
Blake - Starbringer

Who or what is BLAKE? A Rock’N’Roll nomad, a wanderer on a mission to create the most powerful Rock music the universe has ever witnessed? BLAKE is the mentor… the promo blurb does go on for a bit…


Is this making any sense? It’s a rather boastful comment for an unknown band to cry out that they are going to create the most powerful music the universe has ever witnessed. Why not conquer Finland first then Europe then the world but hey aim for the stars you’ve got nothing to lose!


So is this the album that will determine a new branch in the tree of Rock’N’Roll? Hardly. Although it is competent stab at mixing a variety of styles and genres into a decent Metal soup at the end of the day. There’s the Prog Metal meanderings of TOOL in here, the Gothic epic sounds of TYPE O NEGATIVE and the heavy de-tuned riffing of KYUSS and SABBATH with the Stoner influences of say GRAND MAGUS and all fronted by the quite unique vocals of Aaro.


Honestly at times he sounds like Jim Morrison (THE DOORS) then Ian Astbury of THE CULT then Pete Steele and a more doomy Mat Barlow (ex-ICED EARTH) It’s certainly a distinctive set of pipes as he swaggers from Stoner King on the excellent ‘’Walk In’’ to TOOL type Metal on ‘’Starbringer’’ and onto the down right catchy ‘’Call Her Name’’ with ‘’Evil Remains Evil’’ being a glorious tribute to Osbourne, Iommi, Ward and Butler. The subject matter on offer is a bit iffy, but it takes nothing away from the overall Heavy melodic punch of ‘’Starbringer’’.


Initially I had reservations about BLAKE but take it from me this is a great fix of Heavy Rock’N’Roll in 2004. (Online September 20, 2004)

Chris Doran

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