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Pantera - Power Metal (9/10) - USA - 1988

Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: Intercord
Playing time: 58:05
Band homepage: Pantera


  1. Rock The World
  2. Power Metal
  3. We’ll Meet Again
  4. Over And Out
  5. Proud To Be Loud
  6. Down Below
  7. Death Trap
  8. Hard Ride
  9. Burnnn!
  10. P.S.T.88
  11. Fucking Hostile (Biomechanical Mix)
  12. By Demons Be Driven (Biomechanical Mix)
  13. Walk (Cervical Dub Extended)
  14. Walk (Cervical Edit)
Pantera - Power Metal

It was 1988 that I got in contact with the name PANTERA for the first time. On the radio, during H3’s “Hard’n’Heavy“ night, the two songs “Hard Ride“ and “We’ll Meet Again“ were introduced. Back then PANTERA still released their albums on their own, but “Power Metal”, their fourth effort, was distributed in Germany via Stuttgart based company Intercord.


I had already seen the CD in the local record shop (Pop Shop Kaiserslautern), but what did the idiot do? Yes, the small, dumb Hawk put it back and bought God knows which album instead. Due to the huge success of PANTERA later on the old long players at least were re-done as bootlegs and then there was no turning back anymore.


On "Power Metal“ there also was the first line-up change and for original singer Terrence Lee the so far white sheet Phil Anselmo entered the stage, the rest is history! To show that the older songs still sound good with Phil, they re-did the song “Down Below” off their previous album “I Am The Night“. So now you will ask, how the music sounds? And the by now big Hawk answers: They were as far away from the brutal sound of “Cowboys From Hell“ as METALLICA are from good music nowadays, but they still belted out a darn good Melodic Metal album with a lot of pressure.


Phil Anselmo sings like a stung Vince Neil and the songs are located somewhere between heavier RATT and JUDAS PRIEST. You should know this one, you can get it at Hellion Records, for example, for insane amounts of money. (Online September 21, 2004)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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