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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - FARSCAPE - Demons Massacre

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Farscape - Demons Massacre (6/10) - Brazil - 2004

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Dark Sun Records
Playing time: 39:17
Band homepage: -


  1. Demon's Massacre
  2. Assassin
  3. Doctrine Sickness
  4. Hatebreed
  5. Unholy Cross
  6. Violent Sacrifice
  7. Funeral Lust
  8. Carrasco Do Metal
  9. No Remorse To Kill
  10. Sacrifice (Sacrifice Cover)
Farscape - Demons Massacre

Well to start things off with this review I have to say that I have never before received a promo CD for review as poorly packaged as this latest one I received from FARSCAPE. I was literally sent just a CD case with a generic CD that had contained the bands name and the album name "Demons Massacre" printed not so neatly with a black sharpie marker. Now usually I am not so picky about this as I know some bands are just starting out and might not have the cash for an elaborate promo pack but this has to be the worst. I literally had to search high and low and do a serious amount of web research for the info I have included with this review as I didn't get as much as the song titles, the band members names, an email address or a homepage from this self proclaimed Thrash/Speed Metal act from Brazil.


FARSCAPE are a retro Thrash band that seems to have taken their influences form early 80's speed metal acts like DESTRUCTION, KREATOR and HALLOWS EVE. The band was founded in 1999 as a cover act and quickly recorded their first demo entitled "Doctrine Sickness". I remember in the 80's when bands like VENOM and CELTIC FROST came up with some cool names for the band members and FARSCAPE has kept with tradition of these older bands with band member names like Whipstriker, Poisonhell and Witchcaptor.


This independent release has over 10 tracks and without getting into much detail of song names since I can't find them anywhere, I will continue this review with what I have heard. FARSCAPE are definitely not what I would consider a full-blown Thrash act but more of an old 80's Speed Metal clone. The guitar riffs are fast and furious and the drummer seems to have no problem keeping up with this meat grinder sound. I can definitely hear the influences of KREATOR vocalist Milan "Mille " Petrozza throughout each track and this alone kept me interested in the CD and wondering if in fact I was back touring around in my old Dodge Swinger with the stereo cranked to the nines. The song writing on this CD is fairly in depth and I can actually now hear some very very early sounds of SLAYER. If you are a fan of this sound of early metal and you would like to hear more from FARSCAPE good luck trying to find a CD as like I said before I any info about this act is very hard to come by. Below is the closest I have found for info on purchasing some FARSCAPE material from mail order music sites. I would recommend that if you were looking for a dose of old school Thrash/Speed metal then start looking for this release. You will have the opportunity to hear a well-rounded band that is extremely tight and good at performing this old but influential style and be happy with the purchase after knowing what you had to go through to check out these Brazilian demons.


Mail Order Metal site where FARSCAPE - "Demons Massacre" can be purchased. - or


For anyone who is reading this review and is in a band looking to get your material out to the industry for screening, I can only empathize the importance of putting together a proper promo package and including all the right material including a bio and contact information. I rally think that FARSCAPE would get a lot more recognition if their promo package were done properly. (Online September 24, 2004)

Greg Manley

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