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Steel Prophet - Into The Void (9,5/10) - USA - 1997

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Brainstorm Division
Playing time: 56:16
Band homepage: Steel Prophet


  1. The Revenant >mp3
  2. Death Of Innocence
  3. Trapped In The Trip
  4. Your Failure Inscribed In Stone
  5. Passage Of Time (Amber Leaves ...)
  6. Of The Dream
  7. Ides Of March / Purgatory
  8. What's Behind The Veils?
  9. Idols
  10. Hate²
Steel Prophet - Into The Void

Without doubt the steel prophets from L.A. can already present references like “Messiah” or “Dark Hallucinations”, but in my opinion, “Into The Void” is the band’s best work. It’s just that this album is hard to get by now, if at all. Nevertheless we are talking about an US-Metal pearl as from the Metal picture-book. Except for the somewhat average production, you get endless amounts refined steel.


The speedy opener “The Revenant“ already creates a good mood, with his cool riffs and Rick’s unbelievable siren-like voice. “Death Of Innocence” is a melodic anthem par excellence and it has at least crept into my my brain lastingly…What follows after that is probably the best STEEL PROPHET song ever, “Trapped In The Trip”, an Ubersong with an impudently catchy hook line which has been haunting me for years. One of my personal all time faves of the whole Metal spectrum! Great! With “Your Failure Inscribed In Stone” I could not help but think of SOLITUDE AETERNUS (“Destiny Falls To Ruin”), as I think I do know this hook. Doesn’t matter, better well stolen than badly invented…


In order not to annoy you with a description of every single song, just this much: The rest also shows the band from their catchiest and most melodic side. All songs are hits, the IRON MAIDEN cover “Ides Of March/Purgatory” (successfully) presents the main influences once again. Because in fact, every MAIDEN fan should be pleased by this album. Albums like “Piece Of Mind” or “Powerslave” or “Killers” aren’t that far away from “Into The Void” stylistically…Normally I would give the maximum number of points, but due to the production I unfortunately deduct half a point – even though it hurts. (Online September 24, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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