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Mirror Of Deception - Foregone (8,5/10) - Germany - 2004

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Final Chapter Records
Playing time: 47:48
Band homepage: Mirror Of Deception


  1. Foregone Way
  2. Inscrutable >mp3
  3. Bleak >mp3
  4. The Ship Of Fools
  5. Deception Island
  6. Mirthless
  7. Metamorphosis >mp3
  8. Descended
  9. Where The Juniper Grows
Mirror Of Deception - Foregone

You can really depend on MIRROR OF DECEPTION, one expects a gloomy Doom record and one will get it... “Foregone” strikes up where the Mini-CD “Conversion” ended. It’s still Doom, the band belongs still to the most original Doom acts on this earth, solely for the individual vocalstyle of “Siffis”. This man is surely no gifted vocal God and he doesn’t always hit the right tone – but his voice has something, which is much more important: it’s distinctive.


The songs vary between slow motion, slightly progressive arrangements, epic and pure melancholy... They appear never overloaded and they serve lots of griping solos. My peronal favourite: “Bleak” – a wonderful song, which won’t go out of your mind. Great riffs and vocal lines carry this killer track. But this doesn’t mean, that “Foregone” has only one good song. But this one stoods in my opinion out of a bunch of great tracks. Take for example “Deception Island”, which needs some spins but turns then into a great hit. Or take a classical Doom song like “Descended”, that’s all stuff, every decent Doom disciple will have some fun with. The vocal lines need some time to hit you and the entire album grows on you with the time... MIRROR OF DECEPTION belong to the German Doom Gods together with DOOMSHINE & VOODOOSHOCK!


The album, btw, was released by new Belgian Final Chapter label, who have specialised in slow motion stuff. They want to follow the footsteps of legendary Hellhound label? Right on!(Online September 26, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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