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Demagogue - Nihil Obstat (7,5/10) - Great Britain - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 20:00
Band homepage: Demagogue


  1. Litany Of Scorn >mp3
  2. Pure Hatred
  3. Broken Father >mp3
  4. Contemplation To Despair
Demagogue - Nihil Obstat

Out of London, England, this relatively young band has created an album that just oozes atmosphere and melodyÖOn three out of the four tracks. On those three tracks, what we get is a nice mix of melody and aggression, with very open-ended song structures that are open ended. I donít mean melodies like the ones that are on ARCH ENEMY/IN FLAMES/SOILWORK records (and the endless amount of bands influenced by that scene). The sheer amount of different types of melodies will blow your mind away the first time you hear this demo.


There is a distinct old school influence in the riffs, yet with all the melodies and the creative, narrative song structures, it comes off as fresh due to the cunning and subtle mixture of the aforementioned styles. It comes off as very well written music that shows that the band is able to stray away from regular song structures yet still be able to write catchy sections and songs. ďBroken FatherĒ is probably the best song on the record and it showcases all the good things that the band has to offer.


My one complaint is ďPure HatredĒ, mainly because it comes off as an immature, cheesy Death Metal song that is hardly memorable. Compared to the other tracks, this was poorly structured and rather forced, almost as if they were trying to write something in the vein as the other three songs, but they didnít and they fell flat on their faces with this song.


If this had been a three song demo, I would have probably rated this around a 9 and considered it to be one of the best demos Iíve ever heard in ages. As it is, itís probably better than a good deal of what Iíve heard, but itís not as impressive as a whole. (Online September 26, 2004)

Armen Janjanian

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