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22 tablatures for Metal Church

Metal Church - The Weight Of The World (8,5/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Steamhammer
Playing time: 56:34
Band homepage: Metal Church


  1. Leave Them Behind
  2. Weight Of The World
  3. Hero's Soul
  4. Madman's Overture
  5. Sunless Sky
  6. Cradle To Grave
  7. Wings Of Tomorrow
  8. Time Will Tell
  9. Bomb To Drop
  10. Blood Money
Metal Church - The Weight Of The World

After the total blackout “Masterpeace” I wouldn’t have set a fart on the future of METAL CHURCH. The less so since they also were an exaction live back then. Thus an album like “The Weight Of The World” is surprising, as it contains all of the band’s old virtues again. Yes, METAL CHURCH have come up with really good songs again. The album sounds fresh and offers fine headbanger food, fantastic guitar runs en masse and magnificiently raw vocals by the new member Ronny Munroe (ROTTWEILER), that is. The man is a true lucky chance and has to fear comparison neither with Mike Howe nor with David Wayne. A true multi-talent who can greatly adapt his voice to the demanded mood.


The balladesque parts aren’t missing either, as well as the solid killer riffs that METAL CHURCH have always stood for. Unfortunately, two rather average songs (“Bomb To Drop”, “Time Will Tell”) have crept in, too…But with songs like the neat opener “Leave Them Behind” or the ingenious title track as luggage, the old fans should be able to be convinced, too. Or what about the 8-minute cracker “Madman’s Overture”, a semi-balladesque song which truly blows you away? Have I already mentioned “Wings Of Tomorrow”, all finestest stuff. For the banger group, there’s a fat riff gallop to be overcome on “Blood Money”, that will definitely remove your head!


The first three albums by METAL CHURCH should be part of the back catalogue of every reasonable Metal collection. With the legendary debut being unreachable, of course. Okay, I’ve never liked No. 4 “The Human Factor” that much and the fifth opus “Hanging In The Balance” had to suffer from a very weak production, despite good songs…But “The Weight Of The World” easily beats these two albums! (Online September 27, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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