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15 tablatures for Jungle Rot

Jungle Rot - Fueled By Hate (5/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Olympic Recordings
Playing time: 30:01
Band homepage: Jungle Rot


  1. Intro
  2. Face Down
  3. Let Them Die
  4. Fractured
  5. Gain Control
  6. Gasping For Air
  7. Low Life
  8. Scars Of The Suffering
  9. Symbols Of Hate
  10. No Surrender
  11. Habit Fulfilled
  12. More Demon Souls
Jungle Rot - Fueled By Hate

For the past nine years, JUNGLE ROT has opted to play a style of Death Metal that is supposedly based more on groove than on speed and technicality (like SUFFOCATION). In theory, it seemed like a very cool concept. Instead of choosing to wreck the listeners’ ears and mind with a barrage of notes and pass it off as Brutal and/or Technical Death Metal, a band will write simpler and more direct songs that are catchy and memorable. Even though I love music that can be considered technical, I still appreciate less complicated music outings.


Now, my problem with JUNGLE ROT is rather simple. Everything sounds like a sub-par version of “Domination”-era MORBID ANGEL in feel, vocals, music and production. And if you know my feelings about sub-par versions of classic albums, you’ll know how much I liked this one (To those that don’t: I didn’t like it at all).


The riffs are indistinguishable from one another, making every single song on the album sound like every other one included on the album. Also, the vocals make everything a lot worse, as they sound like a weak David Vincent (vocalist on MORBID ANGEL’s “Domination” and the studio albums prior) attempting to do the Hardcore yell/growl. I’m a fan of growls when they’re done right, but when they’re done poorly, they sound tedious and are a chore to listen to.


There are some good moments on this album (The first riff of “Symbols Of Hate” just rocks), but as a whole, this is nothing impressive. (Online September 29, 2004)

Armen Janjanian

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