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Vision Divine - Stream Of Consciousness (9/10) - Italy - 2004

Genre: Progressive Power Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 61:52
Band homepage: Vision Divine


  1. Stream Of Unconsciousness
  2. The Secret Of Life
  3. Colours Of My World
  4. In The Light (Instr)
  5. The Fallen Feather
  6. La Vita Fugge >mp3
  7. Versions Of The Same
  8. Through The Eyes Of God
  9. Shades
  10. We Are, We Are Not
  11. Fool's Garden (Instr)
  12. The Fall Of Reason (Instr)
  13. Out Of The Maze
  14. Identities
Vision Divine - Stream Of Consciousness

Third times a charm for these Italians. This is the creation of one Olaf Thörsen who was also in LABYRINTH. With his fine fret board work, he has created a truly killer piece of art. Although the CD may not be exactly furious, it's performed with finesse and that goes a long way. “The Secret Of Life“ is filled with textures and complexity, but never overkill. Olaf's finger work is superior and you can hear it through out the song and solo. The keyboards are performed with class, but never crossing over into the neo-classical range or drowning out the song. The drum work is not over the top, but played at the right place and it doesn't have to be the highlight of the whole band because this is a group effort and not a one man show like so many bands do.


The power ballad “The Fallen Feather“ proves to be a highlight with its wonderful vocals from Michele Luppi and the graceful composition. It's filled with a lot of passion here. The band leaves the soft side soon after and kick it into overdrive on “La Vita Fugge.“ This one sounds a bit more neo-classical, but manages to keep it to a minimum. More slick performances from all of the members are tracked here. When we get to “Versions Of The Same“, there is a bit of an AOR feel the song. Some of the progressive elements are there like the tricky ivory keys, but the drums and guitar work is more scaled back into melodic rock mode and it's very simplistic. This song actually has radio potential. When you listen to the singing and the background vocals, you too will agree that it's more rooted in AOR than Metal and that is fine because it gives the band more depth and variety to the band's character. Good track.


The only complaint here is that the guys use one too many instrumental interludes, but it doesn't really take anything away from the band's sound. This is a perfect CD for fans of both the Progressive realm and Power Metal genre. There is a lot to offer for everyone here due to the fact that they don't repeat themselves and have and they add a lot of spice to their heavily textured sound. Good things should come to this band. (Online September 30, 2004)

Joe Florez

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