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Mercenary - Everblack (7/10) - Denmark - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Hammerheart
Playing time: 53:47
Band homepage: Mercenary


  1. Everblack
  2. Seize The Night
  3. Screaming From The Heavens
  5. Darkspeed
  6. Bloodrush
  7. A Darker Shade Of Black
  8. Bulletblues
  9. Rescue Me
  10. Alliance
Mercenary - Everblack
Exactly like their team mates DEMONS OF DIRT, the Danish guys from MERCENARY mix together many different styles of Metal, thus creating quite a good album with "Everblack". Here, the Death Metal-vocals alternate with very high pitched and Heavy Metal-vocals; the guitars use the range from melodic Heavy Metal to very precise and modern riffs in a Power Metal-style, or even close to FEAR FACTORY; discrete keyboards create a nice atmosphere; and the drummer, quite good, has a Heavy Metal-way of playing, but can also be violent and powerful.

All in all, MERCENARY is a sort of brutal NEVERMORE! In addition to that, the sound is more than decent, with a good production made by Jacob Hansen (who has already produced ILLDISPOSED and so on), and that makes of "Everblack" a nice album, that will make you have a good time when listening to it. And that's already quite much!

Else, compared to their precedent album, "First Breath", MERCENARY have been able to improve their music, and if they keep on going like that, they can hope to have a nice status in the next years.

Thomas Bonnicel

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