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Sybreed - Slave Design (8/10) - Switzerland - 2004

Genre: Modern Metal
Label: Reality Entertainment
Playing time: 59:05
Band homepage: Sybreed


  1. Bioactive
  2. ReEvolution >mp3
  3. Decoy >mp3
  4. Synthetic Breed
  5. Next Day Will Never Come
  6. Machine Gun Messiah
  7. Take The Red Pill
  8. Rusted
  9. Static Currents
  10. Critical Mass
  11. ReEvolution (Syntax Airplay Edit)
  12. Decoy (Radio Slave Edit)
Sybreed - Slave Design

So, is SYBREED the European version of FEAR FACTORY? Well, to a degree, but they expand beyond that. They touch base with MESHUGGAH and some other elements. SYBREED is a new band formed from other unknown bands. This is the one that is going to get them noticed though. The guys' waste no time in pumping out heart pounding music that is intriguing. “Bioactive“ opens up with the double bass click drumming that is very crisp and clear along with the Industrial guitar riffs. The vocals are clean here too and this is refreshing. Normally, when you play hard riffs and drumming, you have agro vocals like Burton C. Bell. Not so in this case. Toward the breakdown of the song we break into jungle beats. This is a term used in the Electronica field in case you are wondering what it is. The beats are programmed and are performed rather fast, but oddly enough there is some rhythm to it. Good opener!


“ReEvolution“ continues with the programmed atmosphere, but this track is about as catchy as a virus. The screams of anger are now in full effect and the music picks up a little steam, but they stay on track by not getting over the top by increasing the speed of the drums or guitars. Everything's in sync and smooth. An interesting thing takes place here in that the vocals come off like Anders Friden from IN FLAMES. They sound like what you are currently hearing on “Soundtrack To Your Escape“ except this is cooler. I think if IN FLAMES went in this direction that they would still be cool as opposed to now. As we enter “Machine Gun Messiah“, shit hits the roof ten fold as the music goes into MESHUGGAH mode. No, it doesn't get so mathematical, but the guitar riffs are played in higher notes. The drums just blast out your ear drums and the vocals match that of one Jens Kidman. You can just picture the veins popping out of the neck and forehead. Yep, they are that aggressive and strong. The band goes back to being themselves after that.


All in all, this is a very strong release that could give a run for FEAR FACTORY'S money. They are more refreshing than them and have a bit more to offer. Cyber Metal takes a turn for the better here and this CD is so damn addicting from top to bottom. Worth the money if you ask me. (Online October 2, 2004)

Joe Florez

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