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Atrox - Terrestrials (7/10) - Norway - 2002

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Season Of Mist
Playing time: 67:54
Band homepage: -


  1. Lay
  2. Ruin
  3. Mare's Nest
  4. Nine Wishes
  5. Human Inventions
  6. Mental Nomads
  7. Changeling
  8. The Beldam Of The Bedlam
  9. Translunaria
  10. Look Further
Atrox - Terrestrials
But what a hell have I done to deserve that? Who hates me so much and is so bad with me? That what I said to myself when I opened the envelope containing this new ATROX-album. Feeling sick and ready to puke, being very pale with my hands shaking, I finally pressed 'Play', ready to jump by the window at the first alert… and all in all, though their former album "Contentum" was a horrible CD, impossible to listen to, the new one, "Terrestrials", is quite ok.

Ok, Monika's voice can still sometimes be quite stressful, but her passage in TACTILE GEMMA has calmed her and showed how to sing in a better way. Concerning the rest, there are very good melodic passages, some more violent ones (some Death Metal-guitars, or even some Black Metal-parts à la new MAYHEM), some more progressive ones, but everything fits well together, and the sound is really crystal clear.

So ATROX is still a completely unique band, completely insane, too (just look at the freaky and spacy artwork), but they don't copy anyone and create their own style, that gets more and more easy to understand year after year.

Thomas Bonnicel

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