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Arve Henriksen

Name: Arve Henriksen
Email address: arve (at) metal-observer (dot) com
Function: Reviews
Compatible styles: Death Metal, Black Metal, Grindcore, Thrash Metal
Incompatible styles: Glam Rock, Most Power Metal, Most Nu-Metal
Thoughts on the main Metal genres:
Black Metal: It took a while before I started to enjoy this type of music, in the beginning I thought they tried to be all too evil, but now I don't mind as long as the music is good. I read that many think that Black Metal has done its purpose and that the genre is only reproducing itself, I disagree, because if you search beneath the headlines, you will find many bands that have the right to live. As long as I've been listening to Metal there has always been people saying that this or that music style is soon dead or at least has become boring. I don't mind because I still find Black Metal bands that are good and I don't want to let the boring acts ruin the day, keep the flame burning.
Death Metal: This is the style I'm an expert in, sure I don't know all the bands there is, but I know how I like my Death Metal. My interest for Death Metal was awoken when a friend of mine bought “Death Is Just The Beginning II”. On this record there where some bands called HYPOCRISY, SINISTER and BRUTALITY. These bands were for me the stand out ones on this release and therefore I started to look out for other bands within the genre. And so far the journey has been interesting, I still regard Death Metal as my favourite genre, though I'm open to other things too these days.
Thrash Metal: This was the genre that started my journey into the extreme music of the world. It all kicked off when I first heard “Master Of Puppets” and by the time I heard that one, I was sure that it was impossible to create anything louder and faster than this record. Experience proved me horribly wrong, so much for naivety. This is not the genre I listen to most these days, but I still like the honesty and power many Thrash Metal bands have.
Power Metal: Here is a genre that I'm not quite sure what to write about. If NEVERMORE are Power Metal, then I guess I like some Power Metal too. But don't bring along the dragons and happy choruses, all in all not a style I'm comfortable with.
Progressive Metal: This must be the genre I know the least about, all I know that these guys know how to play their instruments. What takes away most of my excitement about this style is the vocals, though I have not heard enough of this kind of music to say I don't like it. But at the present time I don't have any favourites in this genre.
Doom Metal: I like some of these bands, like SWALLOW THE SUN, I don't mind music going slow, as long as there is some power in it. I know that the Swedish band CANDLEMASS are a top act in the Doom genre, but I never liked them, so I guess I won't be reviewing many Doom bands :) I like my Doom with growled vocals, but I can also listen to clean vocals if they are done right. Not my cup of tea, but I taste it sometimes.
Gothic Metal: I like some of the bands who has the Gothic tag on them. I like the early THEATRE OF TRAGEDY (What happened with you guys!?), TRISTANIA is a good one, WITHIN TEMPTATION, ORPHANAGE and some other bands. I don't think that the last good record has been made yet within this genre, so my ears are open for this one, just as long as the bands know how to write good songs and don't overuse the Beast\Beauty concept.
Melodic/Heavy Metal: I don't like bands such as MANOWAR and HAMMERFALL (did I lose many friends?), but I like some records made by DEEP PURPLE, SCORPIONS, AC/DC and other old acts. I'm sure there are other bands within this style which I could like, but I haven't spent time looking.
Nicknames: None
Time at TMO: September 2004
How came to TMO: After surfing the site for a while I suddenly saw that they needed someone to cover the more extreme fields of Metal. After some mails we got things in order and now I'm ready to serve.
The best thing as a TMO writer: Not able to answer yet
The worst thing as a TMO writer: Not able to answer yet
Reviews 239
Underground 42
Interviews 10
Live reviews 0
Articles 0
Specials 0
Reviewing methods: To properly review a CD I must listen to it while reviewing, that way it's easier to find words which describes the music in a fair way. I also have some cups of coffee and a couple of smokes while doing the deeds.

Birthday: January 27, 1978
Birth town: Haugesund, Norway
Present location: Kopervik (Karmøy), Norway
Job: Different types, I'm a bit of a whore when it comes to work.
Languages: Norwegian, English
Hobbies: Computer Games, Reading, Cycling
Pet peeves: The world in general, this is not a happy place!!
Phobia(s): Getting into heaven
I, about myself: Extreme music lover who is also very good at PS2
Describe yourself in 5 words: Honest, Weird, Dedicated, Moody, Hard Working
Funny childhood story: When I was about 4 years my parents told me about the Do Draug. Draug is an ancient folklore creature, but my parents told it was living in the toilet. (Others have been told the same) So in sympathy with the Do Draug (Wc-Draug in English) I flushed down some money so it should have something to live off. I flushed down about 400 NKR, which was quite some money at the time speaking and my parents did not tell me about the Do Draug anymore. When I was a child I also liked to fix things with a hammer, needless to say that nothing ever got fixed with the hammer.

How I came into Heavy Metal: My sister bought “Master Of Puppets”, after that I was hooked.
First Metal CD ever bought: Defecation - Purity Delusion
Most embarrassing CD in your collection: Korn - Life Is Peachy
First Metal concert: Edge Of Sanity (Without Dan Swanö)
What did Metal teach me about life: I don't know really.
Band & previous band experiences: None
Instrumental talents: Growling, air guitar and air drums.
Favourite bands: Slayer, Infernal Torment, Morbid Angel, Nevermore, Edge Of Sanity, Immortal, Sotajumala, too many to mention really.
Least favourite bands: Korn, Deftones, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Poison, Def Leppard, Europe etc.
Sound you’d like to have banned: Drum machines
Most overrated bands: Cradle Of Filth, Arch Enemy, Korn
Most underrated bands: Sotajumala, Infernal Torment, Sinister (their early records), Panzerchrist, Illdisposed, Cadaver and many others which I will try to cover.
Favourite musician: Alex Webster, Bart (he played guitar in SINISTER) and all drummers who don't ruin their drum sound with too much trigging.
Favourite album cover: Cryptopsy - None So Vile, decapitated Jesus, anyone better?
10 favourite albums: (with reasons for each album)
Slayer - Seasons In The Abyss
This record is still very good and I still listen to it ten years after it came out, so I guess that is a proof that it deserves a place among my top ten albums. And by the way, I think this is the best album SLAYER ever did/have done.

Infernal Torment - Birthrate Zero
INFERNAL TORMENT never made many albums, this is their second and last album. But just because they have not released a lot of records doesn't mean this one don't deserve the attention of every person that likes the tunes of Death Metal. There is not one weak song on this album and when you think it's all over, they serve you a killer version of “Seventh Son Of The Seventh Son”, recommended.

Metallica - Master Of Puppets
Yet again a record that has withstood the test of time and therefore deserves a place on my top ten list. I still listen to this record on some occasions, one of my Thrash favourites.

Pestilence - Testimony Of The Ancients
One of the best technical Death Metal albums ever released. I'm not sure how many people actually knowing about this record, but I hope it is a lot of them, because this record deserves every bit of attention it can get.

Deicide - Legion
At this time DEICIDE still had something to give, I think that the last great record DEICIDE made, was “Once Upon The Cross”. On “Legion” they simply kill anything in their way, this is an album made from the heart and I like it that way.

Illdisposed - There's Something Rotten In The State Of Denmark
When it comes to groovy Death Metal, ILLDISPOSED are among my favourite bands. On this record everything turns out good and I still like it as much as ever. I don't think too many people know about this gem, but I will do my best of bringing it justice.

Tristania - Widows Weed
For me this is the best Gothic album ever released, it wipes the floor with anything that THEATRE OF TRAGEDY ever made. The melodies on this album is absolutely stunning, vocals are all good and therefore it is in my ears unmatched until these very days.

The Crown - Deathrace King
When it comes to intensity THE CROWN are not easy to match. Great songwriting and musicians makes sure this record is well played and full of killer songs. I even like the lyrics, because they fit with the intensity of the music. Too bad you decided to quit guys, you left a gap.

Dimmu Borgir – Death Cult Armageddon
Call them sell outs, call them whatever you want, I won't be hearing you because I turned up the volume. This album is huge in so many ways and after living with it for about a year I still find it very good. As long as DIMMU still makes quality music they can sell millions of records for me.

Sinister - Hate
A truly evil sounding Death Metal record, which also has some Black Metal atmosphere to it. I really like the guitar work on this album and I recommend every Death Metal fan, both new and old, to check this record out. SINISTER are far more than just having a female on vocals, because by that time SINISTER had become a standard Death Metal band. For a person who don't like Death Metal it all sound the same, but if you like brutal music this one is a must.

Favourite films: Snatch, I Kina Spiser De Hund, Braindead, Bad Taste, Blinkende Lykter
Favourite books: Desperation Nevada (Stephen King), Thinner and a lot of others which I don't remember the name for.
Favourite food: I like spicy food
Favourite drink: Water and Milk, alcohol is poison for me.
Favourite smokes: Rød 3
Which song should be played at your funeral? I hope to skip the whole funeral, I want to be burned and not be taken care of by the church. But if there is a band that has a song called “Reduced To Ash”, I guess that would be a nice one.
I dol (s): Odin
Person you‘d like to meet: Eric Cantona (Best football player I've ever seen)
Catchphrase : What does not kill you, only makes you sicker.
Biggest thrill in life (so far): Not much I am afraid, but watching SINISTER live was a good thing.
Goal in life: To be a drummer
Secret: I'm an alien
5 favourite links:

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