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Illogicist - Subjected (7,5/10) - Italy - 2004

Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Label: Crash Music Inc
Playing time: 38:54
Band homepage: Illogicist


  1. Into Your Mind (Intro)
  2. The High Price Of Confidence >mp3
  3. Knowledge Curse
  4. Every Straight Lie >mp3
  5. Dissonant Perspectives
  6. Subjected
  7. Introspection (Instrumental)
  8. The Soul Feeder
  9. The Last Show >mp3
Illogicist - Subjected

ís ILLOGICIST offer us a spicy synthesis of Prog and Death Metal. All fans of the more technical period of DEATH or fans of bands like ATHEIST and SADIST should check them out. Because this album is very good in a technical view but has also a lot of great songs to offer. But in contrary to other Progressive acts is their music really impressive. Although Chuck Schuldiner would have respected that.


There are lots of breaks, but always pretentious and still ultra heavy. A vile, evil voice fits perfectly to the entire sound. Of course, this is no music for the average Metal fan. There is only one little downpoint: you need some time, to get into the complexe microcosm of ILLOGICIST. There should be at least five spins... (Online October 3, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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