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Martiria - The Eternal Soul (7/10) - Italy - 2004

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Hellion Records Brazil
Playing time: 52:01
Band homepage: Martiria


  1. Memories
  2. The Ancient Lord
  3. The Most Part Of The Men
  4. Arthur >mp3
  5. Celtic Lands
  6. Babylon Fire >mp3
  7. The Gray Outside >mp3
  8. Romans And Celts
  9. The Soldier And The Sky
  10. Fairies
  11. Winter
Martiria - The Eternal Soul

MARTIRIA is a project band long in the running. Originally conceived in 1987 by band members Massimo Di Vincenzo (vocals) and Andy “Menario” Menarini (guitars), this band released some impressive works. However, with multiple line-up changes the members of MARTIRIA decided to disband in 1998 and work on personal projects. Years later and with renewed vigor the MARTIRIA camp has returned with their latest album justly named “The Eternal Soul”.


With tracks like “The Most Part Of The Men” “The Ancient Lord” and “Babylon Fire” you can hear music from another time when Progressive acts wrote about fair maidens and dragons a valour and hand to hand war.


Overall this is a great CD. Sound is good but empty. The lyrical content for me is a little old as it isn’t anything new however it fits their style of writing. Yet another progressive act project that has many talents members but no depth due to the wide range of tastes and interests.


If you haven’t listened to MARTIRIA in a while and have missed not having anything new from them then check it out. The CD isn’t something that I would call “worth the wait” because it doesn’t completely kick my ass while I listen but at the same time I enjoyed listening to every track. (Online October 4, 2004)

Charles McLachlan

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