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HateSphere - Ballet Of The Brute (5/10) - Denmark - 2004

Genre: Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Scarlet Records
Playing time: 36:30
Band homepage: HateSphere


  1. The Beginning And The End
  2. Deathtrip >mp3
  3. Vermin
  4. Downward To Nothing >mp3
  5. Only The Strongest... >mp3
  6. What I See I Despise
  7. Last Cut, Last Head
  8. Warhead
  9. Blankeyed
  10. 500 Dead People
HateSphere - Ballet Of The Brute

Here is another Thrash/Death Metal band trying to take the crown as the heaviest in the scene. “The Beginning And The End“ is a great intro because it really warms you up for what is about to happen. The guitar riffs have a constant Nu-Metal vibe in the form of the guitars while the drums just pound on. The funny thing here is that it mixes clean and graceful beats with violent riffs that are about to explode ten fold. Sure enough, once “Deathtrip“ hits you can say hello to a bottle of aspirin because everything just breaks out into a violent frenzy. There are some distinct guitar riffs that have to be their signature sound and with the massive drumming and ugly as sin vocals there is nowhere left to run to.


The guys slow down just a little with “Vermin“ (yeah, right!), but the violence and aggression continue with Jacob's massive voice and a rhythm section that could decimate everything in sight. The guitar solos here are over the top and they never let up for a moment. Things do eventually slow down with “Only The Strongest...“, but it's still unrelenting. Just imagine that you are in slow motion getting pummelled ruthlessly by Mike Tyson. Yeah, it's that harsh. The assault of mangling your sense is non stop. At the end of the disc, you are treated to a bonus cut of ANTHRAX's “Caught In A MOSH.“ This is done to perfection. I am quite sure that ANTHRAX would have wanted to play it this heavily albeit clean vocals.


This isn't a bad CD, but there isn't too many change ups to keep it interesting. It sounds like THE FORSAKEN release. Each track is pummelling, but you have heard it all before. This is violent pit music for sure and if you can handle this for the next 45 minutes, then by all means have fun with this release. (Online October 6, 2004)

Joe Florez

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