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Rain - Starlight Extinction (8/10) - Switzerland - 2002

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Adipocere
Playing time: 43:00
Band homepage: -


  1. The Four Messengers Of Neptune
  2. Annihilation Of The Centuries
  3. The Cyclic Flood
  4. Aurora Borealis
  5. Like Dying Fireflies
  6. Narcotik 00
  7. Starclouds & Cosmic Seas
  8. Dance Of Infinity
  9. Dead Planets
  10. Meteor Rain
  11. Amethyst
  12. The Final Extinction
Rain - Starlight Extinction
Though their first two albums, "Sephiroth" and "Natural Order" were really good ones, it's only now with "Starlight Extinction" that the Swiss guys from RAIN seem to have found their own musical way.

Of course there are still big remains from their huge SAMAEL-influence, but their style has evolved a lot. First of all, the sound is way more organic, even if the album has once again been recorded at the Illelectronics Studios… but for instance, this time it's not so obvious anymore that they are using a drum-machine.

Else, the vocalist Sin has improved quite a lot, and dares to sing in other domains than before: in addition to his harsh and almost Black Metal-voice, he also uses Death Metal-growls, clear vocals and so on. Death Metal-influences a la MORBID ANGEL can also be found, for example on "Annihilation Of The Centuries"; electronics have gained more weight, and some Techno-beats appear from time to time; and more modern parts are also used quite often.

Honestly, "Starlight Extinction" is so far RAIN's best album, and if they keep on going like that, they'll become really big. Just listen to the instrumental track "Dead Planets"… you'll see what I mean!

Thomas Bonnicel

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