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Moore, Kevin - Ghost Book Soundtrack To The Film Okul (4/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Avantgarde
Label: InsideOut
Playing time: 45:29
Band homepage: Moore, Kevin


  1. Rhodes Song
  2. Prayer Call
  3. Piano Theme
  4. Roof Access (Day)
  5. Far Fara
  6. P.S.
  7. Library Noise
  8. Overheard
  9. Romantik
  10. The Hecklers
  11. Mirrors And Phones
  12. Shall We Jump
  13. Cowbloke
  14. Erotik
  15. Roof Access (Night)
  16. Hallways And Light
  17. Afterschool
  18. Sad Sad Movie
Moore, Kevin - Ghost Book Soundtrack To The Film Okul

Kevin Moore who was the keyboardist in DREAM THEATER, OSI and CHROMA KEY, returns with a CD that is a music score for the soundtrack to the Turkish movie Okul. From what I have already heard and read about this movie, it sounds like it may be big in the underground cinema scene. This CD is really like nothing Kevin has done. This is very laid back atmospheric sound scapes mixed with programmed beats and coloured by his keyboard.


In fact, this is quite slow and boring. I can appreciate what the man is capable of because he is a talent, but this is like nothing you have heard from the man. Perhaps if we heard this music with the movie then it would be a different situation, but it's not. Each track is rather complacent until we hit “Far Fara.“ The traditional Turkish music with cymbals is fused in with the programmed beats and keys and there is a female singer singing in Turkish. That has got to be the highlight thus far. The tracks are all slow once again until “Mirrors and Phones“ takes place and really nothing goes on until halfway through the song where the beats pick up again, but go away just as quickly. Finally, we actually get to some actual music even if it's all programmed. “Erotik“ is just that. The programmed drums are very rhythmic and the atmospheres only enhance this tune. It's a danceable number because it will get your feet moving and you hips shaking.


Kevin ends his disc with a track that is very CHROMA KEY like and I was happy to hear it. “Sad Sad Movie“ is an electronic form of Jazz with more programmed drums and simplistic key action and Kevin singing in a soft and sombre tone. I know what to expect with KEVIN as he is one to experiment constantly, but this is way mature music. I am not quite sure that even the most intelligent music fan will buy into this. I prefer his other stuff. I will say that this is calm and relaxing, but it might be put to better use if you are trying to drift off into lala land. (Online October 8, 2004)

Joe Florez

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