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Crionics - Human Error: Ways To Self-Destruction (8/10) - Poland - 2004

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Candlelight Records
Playing time: 44:45
Band homepage: Crionics


  1. Satanic Syndrome 666 >mp3
  2. Waterfalls Of Darkness
  3. Hallowed Whores
  4. Crinics
  5. Episode Of The Falling Star
  6. Matrix Of Piety
  7. Precipice Gaped
  8. Sacrosanct Strength
  9. Indoctrination Procedure
Crionics - Human Error: Ways To Self-Destruction

Somewhere on the road to Symphonic Black Metal, Poland's CRIONICS decided to take a pit stop at Thrash-land before hitting the nearest Death station for a refill. By the time they reached their destination, "Human Error: Ways To Self-Destruction" was born and Poland's latest young guns were blazing their own trail.


I can't help but get excited when listening to quality albums such as this by up-and-comers like CRIONICS. Then again, despite this being their debut full-length, these spike-clad characters have been at it since 1997, so classifying them as beginners would seem grossly unjust. Having first arrived on the scene in 98' with a four song demo (including an EMPEROR cover) it seems CRIONICS are well overdue for an LP considering the obvious talents possessed by this four piece.


With a surprisingly solid production (aka - doesn't sound like banshees scratching chalkboards) "Human Error..." covers enough ground in its quarter of an hour time frame to maintain any rabid Metalhead's attention. Though firmly rooted in Symphonic Black Metal with keyboardist Vac-V assuming a lead rather than supporting role, the riffing seems more akin to Thrash than Black (at times) bringing to mind recent efforts such as NAGLFAR's latest. A mix of high pitched and lower growls keep the quality level high while the excellent guitar work and solos give this release the edge over any and all imitators. When it all comes together, each track maintains the epic feel spearheaded by none other than EMPEROR. Despite apparent influences shining through, rest assured that thoughts of plagiarism will never cross your mind as CRIONICS succeed in the filling the holes with their own ideas rather than gluing together those of others.


Though I'm sure the best is yet to come, "Human Error..." has succeeded in establishing CRIONICS as a band worth keeping a eye on. (Online October 8, 2004)

Nathanaël Larochette

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