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Mindflow - Just The Two Of Us…Me And Them (8/10) - Brazil - 2004

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Heaven Cross Records
Playing time: 62:41
Band homepage: Mindflow


  1. Focus
  2. Meeting Her Eyes >mp3
  3. The Logic Behind Heads And Tails
  4. Real Illusion
  5. Deadly Event
  6. October 17th
  7. So That Life Can Move Along
  8. Invisible Messages >mp3
  9. Premonition (Wake Up Ariel!)
  10. Honesty
  11. Touch Of Immortality
  12. Dangerous Self Engineering
  13. 2nd Dawn
  14. Another Point Of View
  15. The House Of A Locked Mind
  16. A Noble Truth #2
Mindflow - Just The Two Of Us…Me And Them

Brazil has been and still is a baffling country. The biggest nation of South America seems to have a seemingly unlimited reservoir of Metal bands, of all shades. That Brazil also has something to offer in Progressive Metal, was not as clear to me, but a young band is stepping up now, trying to change this: MINDFLOW. On the band homepage they state influences such as RUSH, YES, DREAM THEATER, PINK FLOYD and MEGADETH and if you now imagine a mix of all of this, then you are pretty close to the sound on their debut album “Just The Two Of Us…Me And Them“.


After the admittedly very weird intro “Focus“ the quintet impressively proves its status as part of the Prog spearhead of their home country with “Meeting Her Eyes”, very heavy guitars and partly double-bass meet great melodies and keyboards, united with some complex breaks, which, though, never break the flow of the songs. “The Logic Behind Heads And Tails“ right after is even more complex, but still heavy and crowned with the very good vocals of Danilo Herbert, yet despite the heavy guitars MINDFLOW time and again take out a lot of the heaviness and put more emphasis on emotion and atmosphere, very good and mature song!


And between the songs there are several interludes that for one distinctly divide the songs, yet at the same time unite the whole album. As strange as it may seem, as well it works on “Just The Two Of Us…Me And Them“, also within the songs, where suddenly a Spanish guitar meets almost sitar-like sounds, just to be followed by heavy riffing. Here (“Honesty”) MINDFLOW prove their talent for fantasy full and still compact arrangements, which take a very interesting middle way between straight heaviness and progressive complexity.


And the Brazilians at the same time manage to sound very fresh, not like the every now and then construed-sounding Prog. Sometimes they also cross over into straighter regions, rolling over die-hard Progsters, while on other points sound effects add a completely different touch and elsewhere pure melody reigns.


All in all I can only recommend MINDFLOW to all fans of heavy Prog Metal, as the production from Sao Paulo’s Mosh Studios also is very good and the booklet can keep up with it, here something big could arise! (Online October 9, 2004)

Alexander Melzer

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